Little Free Library Update

LowRes2012-08-17Installation - CloseUpRecently there have been some newspaper and magazine articles about the Little Free Libraries in Seattle. Here is an update on one of ours, at 2024 NE 113th St.

In short, it is running gang-busters. Just last night someone, who was out walking his dog, was perusing it by flashlight. I check and tidy it up almost every day and I do believe that at LEAST one person a day uses it. The comment book is full of enthusiastic missives. Walkers seem delighted to discover it and vow to return with books.

If there is one somewhat unmet need, it’s for kids and youth books.

It seems to be a truly valued neighborhood feature. It is wonderful how the community is supporting this little library. Some days the box will be bulging with books. More rarely there will be gaps in the shelf and I’ll add some from my stash. Once in a while I’ll swap books with the ‘little free librarian’ of another box in town. Only the size of the box limits the quantity of books. Everyone seems as eager to donate books as to take books. It’s a wonderful thing.

So thank you, Pinehurst and Victory Heights, for using and contributing to this resource! And remember we also have the library across the street from the Pinehurst Pocket Park (west edge).

If you have a Little Free Library in the neighborhood you’d like featured, please contact

3 comments to Little Free Library Update

  • Cindy Riskin

    Thanks to you and Tia for running the Little Free Libraries. I love them!

    Are magazines welcome at the LFLs? I have mags from the American Horticultural Society, the Arboretum Foundation, and the League of American Cyclists….


  • Nancy

    For now I think it best to stick to books, but thanks for the idea and the offer. The boxes are small and stuffed with books as it is, without adding more content! Another idea someone had was to start a seed exchange. Again, it would be better not to mix the purpose of the libraries. But if someone wants to start a separate seed box, that would be great!

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