Update on Use of Lake City Fire Station 39

As of February 2013, the low-income and homeless family housing proposal at Fire Station 39 is on hold for several months while discussions to reach an agreement continue between the City and representatives of Pierre’s properties.

Background: The City’s preliminary recommendation for the disposition of the former Fire Station 39 is to build housing for low-income and formerly homeless families at this site. In fall 2012, the City held two community meetings and heard concerns of many Lake City residents regarding this proposal. Also in 2012, representatives from Pierre Properties approached the City to discuss their plans for redeveloping the 14 properties they own in Lake City. Lake City residents and stakeholders are actively participating in the Pierre Properties redevelopment planning process. The City and representatives of Pierre Properties are exploring whether they can reach an agreement in which the City achieves its affordable housing goals as part of the Pierre Properties redevelopment, rather than building low-income housing at the Fire Station 39 site.

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