Local Option School Tours

Students at Jane Addams

Two local option schools put together some information on their programs and wanted to make sure people were aware of the upcoming tours and enrollment deadlines. –Phillip

If you’re considering middle schools for your child, consider researching option schools in addition to your neighborhood school. Option schools are an integral part of the Seattle Public School system and provide unique programmatic elements specializing in specific areas. In the North Northeast section of Seattle, there are two Kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8) option schools, Pinehurst and Jane Addams E-STEM.

Pinehurst K-8 is an inclusive community with multi-age classrooms, hands-on learning, dance with Pacific Northwest Ballet, local neighborhood exploration, as well as trips further afield. Our Rites of Passage program for eighth grade includes canoeing, hiking, camping, and community service, culminating with a weeklong, end of year, wilderness adventure.

Jane Addams K-8 E-STEM is an environmentally-focused school fostering creative and dynamic thinkers. Seattle Superintendent Banda just announced that Jane Addams K-8 was named one of 6 Schools of Distinction in Seattle this year. This award is based upon students’ outstanding academic improvements in math and reading. Come see what we offer, including electives such as MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement), art, drama, music, choir, PE and foreign language.



Pinehurst Open House School Tour Dates:
Jane Addams art teacher11530 12th Ave.NE, Seattle, WA 98125 (206) 252-4600

Tours from 10-11 am
Feb. 21, 26, 28
March 5, 7

Jane Addams K-8 E-STEM Open House School Tour Dates:
11051 34th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98125 (206) 252-4500

Feb 13. 8:30 am. All K-8
Feb 21. 8:30 am. All K-8
Feb 27. 9:30 am. All K-8
Mar 5. 9:30 am. All K-8

Feb 13. 6:30 pm. All K-8
Feb 28. 6:30 pm. Middle School Only

Please note, for families interested in selecting an option school, the window for the district’s open enrollment is February 25th through March 8th.

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