NE 125th St Repaving

I’ve heard a lot about potholes along NE 125th, expecially since the lane change. Well, it sounds like they’ll all be fixed at once soon. They’re repaving the whole street! See the project link up above for more details. They’re also looking to come out and talk to communities if people are interested in more details.

Project Description

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will repave NE 125th Street (and possibly most of Sand Point Way NE) in 2013 primarily with funds from the “Bridging the Gap” transportation levy passed by Seattle voters in November 2006.  The project has also been awarded $1M in federal funds.

Project Benefits

  • Repairs to the surface below the asphalt pavement (the road base) to better withstands traffic loads
  • New asphalt pavement which provides a safer, smoother ride
  • Over 80 new or upgraded curb ramps to meet current accessibility standards.
  • Addition of some bio-retention structures to the stormwater system

1 comment to NE 125th St Repaving

  • Garth Ferber

    Wow good news! I use 125th regularly on my bike and some drivers are using the bike lane to avoid the potholes.

    How about improvements to 15th Ave NE including sidewalks from top of Maple Leaf hill to about NE 117th next?

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