City Technology Survey (take by April 19)

seattlelogoThe City of Seattle is in the process of collecting new data about residents’ use of communications technology, barriers and needs through an online survey, random telephone survey and focus groups with diverse communities. The results will be published this summer.

Join in! Seattle residents are invited to take the online survey, in English or Spanish through April 19th, 2013… And please help friends without Internet take the survey too! CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY.
(Email if you want to be notified when the results are published)

Since 2000, the City’s Information Technology Indicators project has been collecting extensive and statistically valid data on residential use of cable tv, broadband adoption and uses (including health, work, education, finance and civic engagement), barriers to broadband adoption, and customer service needs. This project is managed by our Community Technology Program with technical advice from our Citizens Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB).

Prior to this current 2013 update, the last residential survey was conducted in 2009. This research is conducted approximately every four years in addition to other digital inclusion/ broadband adoption research the City does.

Our last 2009 survey found in short that:

  1. Seattle is very connected and residents are calling for more speed;
  2. There are still significant gaps in access and use for some populations;
  3. Greater technology adoption would occur with increased training and awareness, low-cost options available for high speed Internet, help purchasing computers, and assistance in maintaining them safely and securely;
  4. There are opportunities for greater use of social networking, mobile applications and online city services.

For more information and to see the entire 2009 report, go to

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