Human Fecal Contamination in Thornton Creek

I’ve received this from multiple sources now and thought it was certainly worth sharing. A study has come out showing human fecal contamination in many areas of Thornton Creek.

There are many possible sources and a large part of the point of this study was to provide evidence of the problem and help them narrow it down so they can work on solutions. But it’s bad enough that they’re warning people to stay out of the water.





Victory Heights Blog:



Seattle Public Utilities Study:

3 comments to Human Fecal Contamination in Thornton Creek

  • Nancy

    If you see a homeless encampment that may be contributing to waste in the creek, call the SPD Community Police Team during business hours at 206-684-0794. It will investigate the camp.

  • Karen

    Please don’t jump to conclusions and blame the homeless. In many areas along the creek there are aging sewer lines that run near to it, plus lines crossing the creek. Some of the lines have developed cracks in them through the years from the ground shifting. All need to be checked and also the few septic systems that are left and haven’t been changed to City Sewer.

  • I think aging sewer lines are almost certainly part of the problem.

    SPU’s Jonathan Frodge will be speaking at the upcoming TCA meeting. That’s Thursday, June 27th, 7:15pm, at Meadowbrook Community Center. Check out TCA’s new web site!

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