Free Trees to Plant in Your Yard


One of Seattle’s goals is to increase the city’s tree canopy. Trees make our streets friendly to walk and bike. They soak up rainwater, keeping our streams, lakes and Puget Sound clean. Trees melt away stress and help us recover from illness. They calm traffic, and help avoid accidents. Trees clean our air, making it easier to breathe. And they provide welcome shade from the sun on days like these!

Trees For Neighborhoods, a project of Seattle reLeaf,  provides up to four free trees per household, plus watering bags for them, training on proper planting and care, and ongoing care reminders. There are also workshop opportunities on topics like young tree pruning.

This year’s application process is about to begin (early August). Application information is on the Seattle reLeaf web site,

Trees ‘sell out’ quickly, so apply early. In the fall, pick up your trees and attend a planting workshop. Then bring them home and plant them.

We have many fine trees in Pinehurst, but we can do even better!

2 comments to Free Trees to Plant in Your Yard

  • Sue

    This is a great resource. I love the trees I have from them. The selection varies every year. They even have a honey crisp apple this time. Have a look.

  • Erin

    Perhaps the city could give the free trees to SDOT to use to plant in all the ugly, barren, cement medians we have in North Seattle. In particular, some trees would be a great addition to where Pinehurst Way joins Roosevelt near the Northgate QFC. It is an ugly and dangerous eye-sore.

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