Seeking Volunteers for the Jane Addams K-8 Departure Advisory Committee!

Renee already posted this in the Facebook group but I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to see it. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the new Jane Addams School in Pinehurst and advise on zoning issues that affect the neighborhood.

Here’s your chance to serve on an advisory committee that will recommend whether to grant zoning modifications needed to allow the construction of the new elementary school.

The Seattle School District is requesting a waiver (departure) from some City zoning regulations for the construction of a new Jane Addams K-8 @ Pinehurst. The District plans to demolish the existing school and construct a new Kindergarten thru 8th grade including gym/commons/stage, library, administrative offices, classrooms and other learning areas at 11530 12th Avenue. The School District is requesting modifications for increased lot coverage, greater than allowed height, less than required on-site parking spaces and on-street bus loading.

The process for considering this request includes hearings before an advisory committee composed of neighbors and School District and City representatives.

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is seeking interested persons in the community to serve on this Committee. The role of the Committee will be to conduct public meetings, gather and evaluate public comment, and either recommend granting the request with or without conditions to minimize its impacts on the surrounding neighborhood, or recommend denial of the departures.  The City will make the final decision.

The Committee will be composed of eight representatives from the following groups:

1.      A person residing within 600’ of the proposed site.
2.      A person owning property or a business within 600’ of the proposed site.
3.      Two representatives of the general neighborhood.
4.      A representative-at-large to represent city-wide education issues.
5.      Two representatives of the Jane Addams PTSA.
6.      A representative of the Seattle School District.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send a letter of interest by either e-mail or regular mail to:

Steve Sheppard
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
700 5th Avenue Suite 1700
PO Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649


Letters of interest should be received by October 16, 2013

For more information call Steve Sheppard, Department of Neighborhoods at 206-684-0302.

2 comments to Seeking Volunteers for the Jane Addams K-8 Departure Advisory Committee!

  • Danny

    FYI: There is a public hearing tonight at Pinehurst K-8 (aka AS#1.) It starts at 7pm and hopefully the superintendent will attend this time and some actual answers will materialize from nothing. Please attend and make sure your voice is heard.
    Danny Littlejohn
    Pinehurst K-8 (aka AS#1) parent

  • Danny

    I attended the Pinehurst K-8 (aka AS#1) public hearing last night.
    It was just that, a public hearing for public testimony. No more real information was gleaned from it other than how important the school is to the community of people who send their kids there.
    One testimony of note was School Board Director Peaslee waited patiently and testified last with no time limit and put on record that the options of temporarily locating at the Decautur bldg while waiting for a permanent co-location with Thornton Creek are absolutely viable solutions. She also stated that it doesn’t make sense to close a program due to low enrollment while there are waiting lists and empty buildings in the district. She also stated that she had a conversation with Thornton Creek’s principal John Miner who told her Pinehurst must be saved and is on board with the co-locating option.
    The district attendees were:
    Mr. Banda
    Ms. Whitworth
    I think Mr. Paperman
    A court reporter
    Mr. Redman
    and of course the district lawyer Mr. English to be sure it was done by the letter of the law.


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