How Was Your Pinehurst Halloween?

Disclaimer: I grew up with Halloween as my favorite holiday so I’m a bit overly excited at the moment. And this isn’t really a news post. Just sharing my excitement. I loved trick-or-treating as a kid (even if most of the candy went bad because eating it wasn’t as much fun as getting it) but I got really excited to decorate the house with my dad and hand out candy. Getting on the news regularly (KIRO’s bunny suited John Procaccino) to show off my costume didn’t hurt either. My dad still decorating the same house on Queen Anne. And now I’m decorating my own now. And hoping to encourage others to go crazy…

So did people get many trick-or-treaters this year? I got over 40.

There’s a lot of fun discussion in the Facebook group right now with some who got a lot more.

Sounds like it really depends on where you live. And north-south streets are apparently gold. So next year I’m personally adding more lights (and a fog machine!) to pull people down my street. Others in the Facebook group have talked about going all out as well. Who’s interested in joining me and making a neighborhood event of it?

We could even make have events to make decorations in advance. We used to make all our stuff because the store-bought things were way too overpriced. Some of my tombstones are 20 years old and insanely heavy. I need to make new ones. And I need an easier-to-setup monster for my roof.

And apparently the Pinehurst shelterhouse was used for a Halloween party years ago, before the renovation. There’s interest in starting that again too. I think it would be great to have a neighborhood party serve as a kicking off point for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. While I certainly love our summer festival, Halloween will always have a soft spot in my heart.

2 comments to How Was Your Pinehurst Halloween?

  • Sue

    There used to be a church at 123rd and 8th where the Jewish Community School is now that had awesome Halloween parties. My kids loved it. Lots of games, candy, prizes. I’ve lived in Pinehurst 25 years at least and have never got more than about a dozen kids at that door. Major bummer because I ,too, love Halloween. Shelter house may be a bit small but if the weathers ok we could get creative using the rest of the park as well.

  • Garth Ferber

    I had about 50 kids come by my place here on 20th and a good time as always. At times it almost seemed to be a street party with the groups of kids and parents coming and going.

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