Merlin Study in Pinehurst

Merlin DrawingOur good old nesting pair of Merlins is back again this year. Thor and Spike have set up housekeeping in a well hidden abandoned crow’s nest, and the chicks are hatched.

This year there’s a Merlin banding project, so you may soon see a couple people setting up to do this, especially in the morning.

Here is a handout with photos, explanations of the project, contact info, and FAQs about Merlins.

Happy birding!

4 comments to Merlin Study in Pinehurst

  • Ms Belle

    I know lots of you love the Merlins but my household HATES them. they kill all the songbirds and it really is creepy to us.

    it doesn’t even matter where they set up cuz their kill zone is huge. One night we were eating dinner on our back deck when feathers of a ‘kill’ drifted onto our table and food…please!!! it is gross. blech….print this on your precious website if you dare and i bet you will get plenty of families that AGREE with us.

  • Ross

    I love seeing biodiversity in the urban landscape. Thanks for doing this. Go Nature!

  • Pat Shuler

    Yes the Merlins eat the little brown birds as do the local Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks. Thor at least is here year round and my house in Victory Heights is in part of his hunting territory. I feed the little brown birds all year long and have not noticed any drop in attendance at my feeders. I enjoy them and I enjoy going out looking and listening for the Merlins. I’ve been following this pair since they first nested here in Victory Heights seven years ago.

  • Jane Dewell

    I choose this neighborhood because of the trees and birds. We are in the city, nearly, but with much to enjoy of nature.
    As for kill zones and carcases, the merlin is nothing to what we humans manage to do. So little habitat, so many cars. Im grateful for this neghborhood, flying feathers, loud bird song, and all!

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