Update on Lake City’s Fire Station #39 Site

Fire_Station_No_39Regarding the disposition of the old Fire Station #39 at the corner of NE 127th and 30th Ave NE, as you will recall, some time back the City proposed that the site be sold for development of homeless-transitional housing. Since then several civic planning groups have convened, from the Pierre properties “visioning” to formation of the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance, to Lake City Future First (Only in Seattle grant) and the Urban Design Framework ​that​ residents and the City are currently putting together.

In recognition of the central importance of the old FS #39 site in plans that are still underway,​ the City and the Pierres have come up with a proposal that will put development of the site on hold for 2 years. The Pierres propose to lease the site for two years for parts storage. There would not be a visible business presence at the site; it would be used only for warehousing. The City would get some revenue from the lease and the Lake City community would have breathing space to continue with its planning.

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