Trash Talk – Toilets

TrashCanDid you know that so-called “flushable” wipes and other trash are causing serious plumbing and sewer problems across the city?

Toilet paper is the only product, besides human waste, that breaks down when it’s flushed. Everything else can cause expensive clogs and backups, and wreaks havoc on the city’s sewer system.

Keep in mind:

  • Just because it flushes doesn’t make it safe to flush. Even if it makes it through your pipes, it is likely contributing to problems that could cause your sewage to back up.
  • Use the trash can, not the toilet, to dispose of feminine hygiene products, dental floss, condoms, and all types of wipes — even facial tissue.
  • Ignore product labels that say “flushable.”

Bottom line: If it’s not toilet paper, put it in the garbage. Learn more about the care and maintenance of your side sewer.

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  • And guess what — flushable litter is no better for the system than all the other things listed that are supposedly flushable but foul the system. Being the owner of a pet sitting company and always looking for new, more environmentally friendly litters, I’ve researched this topic extensively. Please, DO NOT FLUSH CAT LITTER.

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