Housing Availability Survey

HouseAndAppleTreeLet the city know your thoughts on housing affordability and livability in Seattle. Take the survey here:

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  • Melody

    Apartment: 125th & 15th Pinehurst N. Seattle
    Lived here since 2012
    I’ve signed my 3rd lease with my landlord, who is very kind that didn’t raise the rent since I moved in. So far, it’s on the affordable side.
    I would like to eventually own a place in the area. However, I’ve heard a lot of crime going on.
    My bike rack was actually stolen on Xmas Eve last year in the garage, which had no gate on. (it’s gated now) As a single woman, being safe is very important to me.

  • Colin

    Apartment: 125th and 15th ST NE Seattle, Across from SafeWay
    Lived here since 2004

    The original property owners raised rent every year, but always offered the same rental incentives to continuing tenants that they did to new tenants when they were offered (not every year.) Rent is now equivalent to new apartments coming on the market that have more amenities than this property in the Northgate area (e.g., swimming pool, workout rooms, hot tubs, theater space, etc.), but with larger apartments. The building was sold about a year ago to someone who owns a couple of other properties and he committed to not raising rents immediately as he wants to keep occupancy high in the building. Still, the rents are high for the lack of amenities, ranging from around $1,100 for a 1 br/1 ba to around $1,600 for a 2 br/2 ba with a small alcove “den” space — but within the market rates for the Seattle area.

  • Remember to share this in the survey itself. While it’s great for us to talk about the housing availability among ourselves in Pinehurst, the city isn’t going to reading the blog comments.

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