CenturyLink Adds More Non-Pinehurst Neighborhoods for Gigabit

Gigabit Internet continues to expand to more neighborhoods in Seattle. Pinehurst still isn’t one of them, unfortunately. But it’s good to see continued progress. We’ve recently helped organize a lunch and learn and forum on Municipal Broadband and talked about Condo Internet who is also building fiber to the home options in other neighborhoods. A local group, Upgrade Seattle, is forming to help push for better options as well. Sign up to hear more.

CenturyLinkLast August, CenturyLink committed to bringing the high-speed access to 35,000 Seattle households with an announced launch in Ballard, Beacon Hill and West Seattle. By December, the gigabit service was available to nearly 22,000 customers in Ballard and West Seattle.

Today, CenturyLink Vice President of Operations for Washington State Sue Anderson said they’ve passed the 45,000 mark for household access in those initial three neighborhoods. Up next are the neighborhoods of Green Lake, Delridge, Rainier Valley, the Central District and the International District.

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