Update on Effects of the NE 125th St Road Diet

125thDietStatsWalking in Seattle blogger Troy Heerwagen poured through data from a half dozen Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) evaluation reports to create a graphic depiction of the effect road diets in Seattle have had on traffic and safety.

For NE 125th St, while weekday traffic volume has gone up 11%, aggressive speeding has gone down 69% and injury collisions have reduced by 17%.

Click on the chart to enlarge it, or go to the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways website here.


5 comments to Update on Effects of the NE 125th St Road Diet

  • Is it true we will get some more crosswalks? There are a number of sidewalk ramps that don’t have crosswalks (like at 12th and 125th) it would be nice to be able to cross to go to park there wi/out dodging cars or walking all the way up the hill to either 15th or Roosevelt!

  • Dai

    Great information! I didn’t doubt the road diet on NE 125th would have a similarly positive effect to that of NE 75th, but it’s still great to see the results in numbers.

  • Tom

    Unfortunately, the road diet has made it more difficult to turn onto 125th from one of the residential streets. The street seems to have changed from an arterial for residents into a throughway for people passing through.

  • John Sweeney

    Well, frankly, these are bogus stats. Prior to the change, local citizen groups and the bike groups coerced the cops into running “emphasis” patrols on 125th so that the stats would be juiced up. Now that the change has been made to the biker’s satisfaction, the cops have stopped hanging out in the St. George’s parking lot issuing tickets. Anyone with eyes knows the congestion on 125th plus the danger of trying to cross it. Pinehurst shouldn’t swallow the noxious propaganda our local “citizen groups” put out.

    • Erin

      Couldn’t agree more! All these changes to Pinehurst streets are portrayed as safety and speed-reduction efforts, but really that is just a cover to push through the bicyclists’ agenda and add congestion and bottlenecks.

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