Pinehurst Bus Changes Starting June 6th

Remember to check out the new schedules starting June 6th as there are quite a few changes across the system. Around here most of those changes are in the 73 and 41.

Route 41

On weekday evenings, seven southbound trips to downtown Seattle and seven northbound trips to Lake City will be added.

On Saturday, five southbound and eight northbound trips will be added.

On Sunday, two morning and two evening southbound and northbound trips will be added.

These changes will improve service frequency to about every 15 minutes on weekdays and Saturday. Early morning and evening service frequency will improve to about every 30 minutes.

Route 73

On weekdays, two southbound trips from I-5 & Ravenna Blvd to downtown Seattle will be added.

On Sunday, one southbound trip to downtown Seattle and one northbound trip to Jackson Park will also be added. The existing Route 73 trip leaving 17th Ave NE & NE 136th St at 5:33 pm will be revised to leave four minutes later at 5:37 pm.


Route 73 will be revised to operate to and from a new north end terminal located westbound on NE 143rd St just west of 17th Ave NE. It will no longer operate on NE 145th St between 17th Ave NE and 20th Ave NE, and on 20th Ave NE between NE 145th St and NE 135th St.

Route 16

On weekdays, two afternoon peak-period trips to Northgate will be added and four existing trips will be revised to improve service frequency.

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