Free Holiday Tree Composting

treeIf you subscribe to curbside food and yard waste collection you can put your trees and greens out on your regular collection day at no extra charges from December 26, 2015 through January 10, 2016. You can continue to set-out greens after January 10th with a fee charged for any greens outside to the cart.

Multifamily buildings can put out one tree next to each food and yard waste cart per collection day at no extra charge during this time.

Cut trees into sections of six feet long or shorter, and trim branches to less than four feet to fit into the collection trucks. Bundle sections with string or non-plastic twine. Remove metal, plastic and ornaments in trees and wreaths.

Trees that are flocked and/or have tinsel or ornaments will be collected as extra garbage. Cut the tree into three-foot pieces and each piece will be charged as extra garbage. Each unit of extra garbage costs $10.20. Plastic trees are not compostable.

All Seattle residents can also drop off holiday trees and greens for free at Seattle Public Utilities’ South Recycling and Disposal station from December 26, 2015 through January 10th, 2016. The tree sections must be cut to eight feet or less in length and the trunk must be four inches or smaller in diameter. The limit is three trees per vehicle. Only trees and wreaths without flocking or decoration may be composted free of charge.

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