Emergency Hub Drill for Cascadia Earthquake

EarthquakeDrillThe Lake City Hub at the Fred Meyer parking lot will be activated and open 9-11 am this Saturday, June 11. The drill scenario will be Day 5 of a 9.0 Cascadia earthquake. On Day 5 we will still be on our own out here in North Seattle–as will most other neighborhoods. There will be no power, no water, no sewer, and in all likelihood, any remaining natural gas lines will be shut off. Some folks will be staying in shelters. Water will be in short supply (think about getting a water filter and trekking to the lake), refrigerated food will be spoiled, and sanitation facilities unavailable. Many of Seattle’s bridges, overpasses, and roads will have collapsed. Public health issues will be a priority. It all sounds dreadful. Sadly, frighteningly, it is within the realm of possibility.
Please stop by the Hub on Saturday morning. Be an emerging volunteer and offer your skills. If you are a cyclist, bike over and we’ll send you out to check on specific situations. Or come by and read a script of a local event so Hub volunteers can practice helping you by connecting you with local resources. Ham radio operators also will be honing their communication skills–with other Hubs, and via a sector network, to the Emergency Operations Center.
The Hub is always looking for more volunteers–you don’t need any special skills but simply want to help your neighbors. And we’d love to have more Ham radio operators become involved. Plus we need more Hubs than just the one we have now–NE Seattle is a Hub desert!

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