Pinehurst Pedestrian Safety Group

Thanks to everybody who came out to the Pinehurst Community Council meeting on Tuesday!

For those who couldn’t make it, we spent a good portion of the time discussing pedestrian safety improvements around Pinehurst, particularly around the new Hazel Wolf K-8 school.

At the meeting, people shared lots of ideas about specific spots that need improvements, strategies we could use, and reasons it’s so urgent. I particularly liked the idea to make sure the Pedestrian Advisory Board is well-represented with members from North Seattle where sidewalks are missing.

We’re looking to create a group to help organize around these improvements. There’s more details in Dai’s earlier post.

We’ve created an email list where we’ll continue the discussion online though we’ll also continue to engage here on the website and in the Pinehurst Facebook Group. You can join below if you’re interested and please pass it on to your friends and neighbors!

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  • Vicki Holt

    I hope you had representation from some of the many disgruntled neighbors who deal with the insanity created by the “safety” lanes a few months back, which have resulted in a true menace to drivers trying to navigate the confusing markers and resulting congestion.

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