Pinehurst Pets – Julien


Have you ever tried to photograph a black cat? It’s really hard. Have you ever tried to DRAW a black cat? It’s nearly impossible (well, a real artist could do it probably). So here’s Julien, a black Pinehurst cat who’s hard to photograph, not just because he’s black, but in this case because he was writhing around on his perch daring me to get a good shot. He does manage to look rather …. fetching, no? Julien moved here from West Seattle last year. He says he likes it here except for when a neighbor cat looks in the window at him and his sister.

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  • Hello Julien. My black cat, Noche, gives you a 4 paws up, and says keep up the writhing and driving your person crazy trying to get a good photo. Great fun, isn’t it.Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood.

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