New Pinehurst Bakery + Pop-up Events!

I ran into Josh recently (and got to try some of his amazing bread!) and asked if he’d like to introduce himself to the neighborhood. There was a LOT of excitement recently when the sign went up and I thought people would be particularly excited about the pop-up events they will be doing in the neighborhood on the 2nd Saturdays beginning April 8 from 9am to 12pm until they get the remodel done and open fully. –Phillip
Hello Pinehurst!!

Standard Bakery was started in 2014 by me, Josh Grunig, a career baker and passionate food enthusiast. I started the bakery as a weekly pop-up in the Central District. After a year, I ventured into wholesale for coffee shops throughout Seattle. In 2015, we began selling at farmers markets including the Fremont SundayMarket and U-District Farmers Market.

We specialize in croissants, cookies, muffins and naturally leavened sourdough bread. Our focus is sourcing our primary ingredients from Washington. We love featuring seasonal produce like cherries, apples and apricots directly from local farms. We are also exploring the amazing flavors that come from whole grain baking. We use several different types of wheat flour including emmer, red fife and hard red wheat all sourced from local farms.

Standard Bakery has been operating out of our space at 11752 15th Ave NE since October of last year. We are putting together our building permits and contractors to complete our retail and get open to the neighborhood. We plan to offer breakfast, lunch, pastries, espresso and ice cream. We are looking forward to opening in June or July just in time for the summer heat.

Until then, I would like to personally invite everyone in Pinehurst 2nd Saturdays beginning April 8 from 9am to 12pm. We will be offering our full pastry assortment, sliced sourdough bread and drip coffee. See you then!

I am very excited to join the neighborhood.

Best regards,
Josh Grunig
Standard Bakery

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