Find It Fix It Community Walk Update

We had our first meeting with city staff to plan the April 25 walk with Mayor Murray, the police chief and everyone else who wants to come (the more the merrier – it shows community cohesion of Pinehurst!). There was a good turnout – thanks to those of you who attended. Many of the suggestions you submitted on this blog and on the Pinehurst Seattle Facebook page are included in the walk. The choices were constrained by the need for the walk to be about a mile long, and to include about 6 stops. A map of our proposed route and stops is below. It will be refined at the next meeting. We will bring photos of some of the areas not on the walk to show the Mayor.

The next meeting is to finalize the walk route and speakers, and if time permits,¬†walk the route and practice using the PA system. This meeting is Tuesday, April 18 at 6:30, at Uncle Mike’s BBQ,¬†11740 15th Ave NE. Please do come!

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