SPD Micro Community Policing Plans Report

SPD tunes its policing plan by precinct and neighborhood because it knows no two neighborhoods in Seattle are the same. The Micro Community Policing Plans (MCPP) were designed to address the needs of each community.   The plans take a three prong approach that brings community engagement, crime data and police services together to get direct feedback on perceptions of crime and public safety. MCPP are tailored to meet the individual needs of each community, with a unique approach owned by the community.

You can use the interactive tool here to see North Precinct strategy and individual policing plan strategies. Pinehurst west of 15th Ave NE is in the Northgate plan, while Pinehurst east of 15th Ave NE is in the Lake City Plan. Here is the current strategy for Northgate:

And here is the strategy for Lake City:

Seattle University did a public safety survey in 2015. The survey results are here.  The final report is here.

Northgate residents’ public safety concerns are:





Lake City’s public safety concerns are:

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