Update on Safety Improvement Work in Pinehurst

A few weeks ago, Pinehurst Community Council invited Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to have a table at the upcoming Pinehurstfest so they can share their progress on the safety improvement work with the Pinehurst neighbours.

We just received a reply from SDOT. Brian Dougherty, in charge of Pedestrian and Neighbourhood Projects, regretfully turned down the invitation but provided us with the much needed up-to-date information regarding their safety projects in this area:

On track for delivery this year:

  • Crosswalk beacon at 15th Ave NE and NE 115th St
  • Speed humps on all the non-arterial streets around Hazel-Wolf K-8
  • Curb ramps and crossing improvement at NE 117th St and Roosevelt Way NE

On track to begin construction in 2018:

  • Sidewalk and drainage improvements on 12th between the school and the park  / on 115th between the school and Roosevelt

Brian encourages us to contact him if we have any questions.

Phone: (206) 684-5124
Mobile: (206) 379-2913

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