Save the Date – District 5 Up-Zone Open House

Managing growth in Seattle was a key campaign issue this past November as we voted for a new mayor and both city-wide council members. City Hall is moving ahead with the land use and housing policies described by  H.A.L.A. (Housing Affordability & Livability Agenda).

As part of its plan to up-zone 27 Seattle neighborhoods, the city government released its Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) on Nov 9, 2017 and is hosting “Open Houses” to tell us all what to expect regarding up-zones in our neighborhoods. Our District 5 meeting is February 28, 2018. The Lake City and Northgate urban villages are included in District 5. See info below:

2 comments to Save the Date – District 5 Up-Zone Open House

  • Ying

    Hi, is there anywhere I can find a summary of how this meeting went and what decisions were made?

  • No, the city ran these meetings and we were just letting people know about them.

    So if any neighbors attended it they might be able to share that personally but we don’t have official minutes ourselves.

    That being said, it was an open house and not a city council meeting so I’m not sure there were any decisions. The meeting was to hear from neighbors.

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