2017 North Precinct Crime Statistics

Here are comparison crime statistics for our North Precinct in 2017 compared to 2016, and compared to city-wide statistics. I think they reflect the effort the NP has been making to reduce residential burglaries and car thefts.


In 2017 crime was down 3% from 2016, whereas city-wide it was down 2%.

Person crimes were up 7%, compared to city-wide up 6%.
– Aggravated assault up 11%, compared up 12% city-wide.
– Aggravated assault domestic violence up 25% compared to city-wide up 19%.
– Robbery was down a bit both here and city-wide.
– There were 4 homicides here, with 24 across the city.

Property crimes were down 4%, compared to city-wide down 2%.
– Arsons up 45%, same as city-wide; we had 44, mostly in dumpsters and porta-potties.
–  Larceny up 1%, compared to up 2% city-wide.
– Residential burglaries in the precinct down 14% (335 fewer than 2016) compared to down 4% city-wide.
– Commercial burglaries in the precinct down 4% (32 fewer), compared to up 14% city-wide.
– Car prowls no change from last year, compared to down 6% city-wide.
– Car thefts down 19% compared to city-wide down 12%.

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