North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for April 2018

This month’s guest speaker canceled unexpectedly.

The North Precinct picnic will be Saturday, August 18. Mark your calendars!

The National Night Out block parties for public safety will be Tuesday, August 7. Mark your calendars for this one, too! You can apply for a Small Sparks grant to pay for part of your event, usually starting in June. For info click here.

NP was given funds for 300 additional hours of overtime in April. 100 of the hours are being used to focus on the Northgate Mall area, for issues such as car prowl, car theft, trespass, activities at the Metro Transit station, etc.

During the Captain’s report, acting captain Lt. Abe Barker said,

“Don’t give up on calling SPD. Do call 911 if you see suspicious activity. It’s true that if there aren’t enough officers available, there can be a delay to get someone there. And even after calls are triaged, new calls coming in may be higher priority and bump your call down in priority. The importance of calling, besides getting police to respond, is to log the problem in the database so the precinct can see what’s going on around the neighborhoods. It uses data to allocate patrols and assign temporary special emphasis efforts. So even if you’ve had a crime that is unlikely to be solved, such as a car prowl, call it in so statistics on car prowls are more accurate. Or in that case, reporting it on-line would work, so you don’t have to wait for an officer to come out to take the report.”

Read all the minutes here.

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