Ways to Neighborhood Problem-Solve

Got a problem in the neighborhood?

1 – Talk to your neighbors!

Talk to your neighbors to find out if anyone else is concerned about the issue. Give people more than one way to give you feedback – through in-person meetings, over the phone, or through email.

2 – Contact your Community Engagement Coordinator

Your Community Engagement Coordinator can help you access the right resources, brainstorm solutions, and connect to community groups. They can also connect you with the best City department to address your need.

Our North End CEC is –

Thomas Whittemore


3 – Follow through

Some tasks are simple for City government to take care of, and some are more complex. That’s where the community comes in. Be prepared to take action – for example, filling out paperwork, applying for funding, or organizing a neighborhood work party.

4 – Have an open mind

Getting people and resources organized takes time. Be receptive to new ideas and different ways to improve what you’re doing. Just remember to be patient and stick with it!


– From Seattle Neighborhoods pamphlet ‘Get Informed Get Engaged Get Organized.


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