North Helpline Open House

Please join North Helpline for its annual Open House in Lake City on Wednesday, August 29th from 5 to 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to meet staff, learn about North Helpline’s wins and challenges, and enjoy time with your neighbors.  Bring the whole family!

Grab a North Helpline passport and travel from station to station taking a tour through the warehouse and office. A staff member or volunteer will greet you at each station and invite you to answer trivia questions, play a game, and learn more about the many things they do to make sure your neighbors have food on the table and a roof overhead. After going to each station, turn in your passport and you’ll be entered to win a prize.

Thanks to the generosity of friends at Watershed Pub and Kitchen, there will be free salad and pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza?  There will also be beer and wine. Not only is this a fun social event, but by the end you will know more about the two food banks, emergency services, clinic partner Valley Cities, and the variety of people North Helpline serves.

If you haven’t met executive director Kelly Brown, this is your opportunity!

Do you have questions about your neighbors who visit the food bank?  Do you want to know more about funds and additional resources and referrals that North Helpline provides?  Would you like to hear a story about one of your grateful neighbors, and the challenges and opportunities they face? Check out the open house!

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