Earthquake Drill Practice September 15

Everyone is welcome to participate in Victory Heights HUB’s earthquake drill. See the poster below for details.


Day 3 after a medium-sized earthquake (magnitude 5.0) lasting 25 seconds.


  1. Move those papers around and actually match resources and needs
  2. Brainstorm how to shut the Hub down for the night
  3. Continue to educate the community

1 comment to Earthquake Drill Practice September 15

  • K.L.Thompson

    Re: North Precinct Advisory Council meeting on Sept. 5th.
    If you are accepting commentary, here is my two cents worth. (I went looking for a connection to the presenters, but only found the National org.)

    I applaud your presentation to the North Precinct Advisory Committee on the evening of September 5th. Thank you for avoiding the politicizing the subject matter, as has been so often done by other groups.
    The subjects of firearms safety and ownership responsibility are ones that are not aired often enough. With the hours and hours of gratuitous violence that are heaped upon society in the form of “entertainment”, it is disheartening to note that there is not a single mention of the responsibility buy the “Media” that goes with the use and ownership of a firearm. That omission has cost the country far too many innocent lives. We continue to be fed a constant diet of someone waving a gun in someone’s face as a way to resolve a problem. (every problem gets solved down the barrel of a gun, right ?)
    One of the elements in your presentation that jumped out at me for it’s consistency, was the the reference to the individuals (children) that have had their lives cut short by careless acts of firearm misuse. In every example, the people involved had clearly violated the basic rules of firearm safety that surely would have prevented their deaths. NEVER point a gun at anyone you don’t intend to shoot. KEEP your finger OFF the trigger when handling any firearm. Basic rules some of us were taught at a very early age. (that teaching is still valid today, but it is sadly not allowed in our school systems….a place where it might just do a world of good) Your program suggests we model responsible behavior, and yet all too many of the people who own a firearm today have no idea what that model looks like. For at least four generations the example of how we relate to a firearm has been illustrated most often through movies, TV, and later , videos. Most have been very bad examples. What the country needs, are a LOT of public service announcements PROMOTING gun SAFETY. (not going to happen!)
    If I were going to try to paint your efforts into a picture, it might look something like this :
    You are standing on the side of the road stamping out brush fires. (good for you) On the other side of the road stands a guy with a gas can and a box of matches…lighting fires. Who do you think is going to win ? If you are ever going to be successful in curbing firearms tragedy , first you will have to stop promoting it !
    Wishin’ ya the best of luck.

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