Micro-Community Policing Plan Poll

Over the past three months there have been focus groups relating to the Seattle Police Department’s Micro-Community Policing Plans. If you missed the focus groups or were unable to attend, do not worry! You can still participate and share your perspectives about crime, public safety and policing in your neighborhood, by clicking the link below for the online focus group survey. If you are unsure about which micro community you are apart of or what the Micro-Community Policing Plans are, please click the *second* link to find out more. ” Basically, if you’re in Pinehurst west of 15th Ave NE you are in the Northgate MCPP. If you are in Pinehurst east of 15th Ave NE you are in the Lake City.


Our North Precinct MCPP Research Analyst is:

Anastasiya A. Shevchuk

(206) 684-4742

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