Lake City Living Memorial Triangle

Volunteers/neighbors are organizing to create a memorial and beautification project after the violent events of March 27, 2019 at and around the bus stop on 125th Ave NE and the triangle of land at Sand Point Way NE and Bartlett Ave NE in Seattle. Click on image below for details of the event.

The Lake City Living Memorial Triangle group has been awarded the City’s Small Sparks Grant in the amount of $4,991. Seattle Parks Foundation is its fiscal sponsor.

In this stage of the ongoing efforts, it will focus on planting trees along Sand Point Way and Bartlett, as well as ground-cover/shrubs around the oak tree the group planted in July. It will need people and tools to get this new work done before March 27, the 1st anniversary of the shootings.


  1. To be notified of future updates, follow the prompts to be added to the email list. Or ask to be added by emailing
  2. Join the next meeting: Monday December 9 from 6 to 7 pm at the Lake City Community Center.  It intends to meet on the 2nd Monday each month for these meetings.
  3. See photos of the work so far.
  4. If you wish, donate money via Seattle Parks Foundation once it gets their website set up.
  5. Volunteer to help plant the trees. Also, do you have contacts who may be willing to donate their equipment, skill and/or time? If so, please ask if they’d be willing to help the Lake City Living Memorial Project:
    • work partiers – The plan is to plant 7 trees and 30 or so ground-covers. They will need people and tools to get this work done before March 27, the 1st anniversary of the shootings. Dates will be set for early 2020.
    • graphic artist –  The group would like to design a straightforward communication flyer letting neighbors know about its plans.
    • photographers, amateur or professional  –  Well-taken photos would be a powerful addition to the communication aspect of the work.
    • surveyor – It * might* eventually need a professional survey as the project progresses

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