North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for December 2019

This month’s guest speaker was Ann Forrest, Chair of Northeast Seattle Hubs. She explained the function of the community emergency hubs, such as the ones at Lake City’s Fred Meyer parking lot and Victory Heights Playground. The hubs are places where people can go after a disaster to get information and help if normal forms of communication are down (such as internet and phones). Here are some things the hub can facilitate:

  • Hook up people who have stuff with people who need stuff
  • Disseminate information. Ham radio operators will be on duty. The city will broadcast information at the top and bottom of each hour, and the hubs will post it for all to see.
  • Trained volunteers will have helpful advice on how to cope with the disaster challenges and help individuals share their knowledge with neighbors.

Hubs will not have material things such as water, food, tools, tarps. Households are expected to prepare these things for themselves ahead of a disaster. For more information and links to Seattle Emergency Hubs and the city’s website on emergency preparedness and the hubs, read the minutes – link at bottom.

Auto theft is down across the city, but up in the north precinct. Lock your car, don’t turn it on to warm up then go back in the house, use a club on the steering wheel.

Two studies recently showed that our precinct is understaffed (we knew that already, right?). One said optimal staffing would require 32 additional officers, but a minimum of 19.  North precinct has been promised some new officers as they come out of the police academy starting in mid-December.

Read all the minutes here.

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