Pinehurst Steps Up During Pandemic

I am so proud to be part of this community during the difficulties resulting from covid-19 pandemic. Here are some ways Pinehurst shines:

  • We are doing a very good job of respectfully maintaining physical distance. Almost without exception when I walk our streets for exercise people carefully adjust to allow at least 6 feet separation. And we are waving to each other way more than usual.
  • Many are sewing and donating face masks. And many are giving fabric or elastic to them.
  • Our neighbors have also been finding fun ways to be connected:
  •       Some have painted and hidden rocks for kids (and adults) to find.
  •       Others have put fun things in their yards for people to discover.
  •       There was a movement early-on to put teddy bears in windows for kids to have a bear hunt.
  •       People are drawing beautiful chalk designs on sidewalks.
  •       Some have organized mini porch concerts to entertain strollers, and don’t forget the young man who played the bagpipes for us.
  • Some younger adults have offered to shop for at-risk folks to help keep them healthy.
  • Two young brothers made a Thank You poster for essential workers and put it up in the pocket park kiosk.
  • We are supporting restaurants in Pinehurst by getting take-out when they’re otherwise shut down.
  • On the Pinehurst Seattle Facebook group, people are alerting others to availability at stores of scarce goods such as hand sanitizer and flour.
  • On Facebook’s Buy Nothing, people are sharing scarce essentials like toilet paper and yeast.
  • Pinehurst pooch, journalist Ceiba Bunny, launched The Puppyhurst Doggo News reports on Facebook to to lighten our mood.

This is of course not a complete list!

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to make this horrible time a little easier for us. Thank you to essential workers who leave Pinehurst every day to keep things running for us and the rest of the city. Thank you to the business owners and workers who come to Pinehurst to keep essential businesses near us open.

I know I’m growing weary of all the restrictions, and long to be released. But as a high-risk senior, I’m counting on us all to continue to follow the governor’s four phase plan to get us through this.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, and wear your masks, fellow Pinehurstians, and thank you again for making me love my neighborhood.



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