2020 Stay Healthy Streets

Throughout April and May, over 20 miles of Neighborhood Greenways were upgraded to Stay Healthy Streets and opened to people walking, rolling, and biking. Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets identified through past public engagement with enhanced safety features like speed humps, stop signs, and crossing improvements at major streets. Like any residential street, cut-thru traffic is discouraged, but local access, deliveries, waste pickup and emergency vehicles are allowed. With the designation of Stay Healthy Streets, it becomes okay to walk in the street to keep 6 feet apart.

Here is a map of Stay Healthy Streets near Pinehurst. To enlarge it, click once on the map for a new map screen, then click on the map on that page:

Guidelines for sharing the street:

  • Drive on arterials if you don’t have a destination along the Stay Healthy Streets

  • Drive slowly and calmly

  • If you are walking, rolling, and biking, be courteous to your neighbors who are driving

  • Be kind to your neighbors as you move along the street.

Observations indicate people of all ages are using the Stay Healthy Streets and travelers are following #KeepItMoving guidelines. About 10 to 40 people per mile are walking and biking in the streets depending on the location.

The Keep Moving Streets near destination waterfront parks have seen the most use compared to locations along neighborhood greenways. People walking have room to spread out on both sidewalks and the street, while most people running or biking are using the street. There’s an increase in parents using the streets with their kids on bikes, scooters, and big wheels along with lots of chalk drawings! The streets tend to be busier in afternoons and on the weekends and are usually quiet in bad weather and in the morning.

Neighbors in all locations have been observed resetting Street Closed signs and traffic cones as they get moved or knocked down. People driving are generally respectful and slow when using the Stay Healthy Streets, and the city will be monitoring vehicle speed and volume over the next few weeks. Utility and construction workers, emergency services, and deliveries are still able to reach their destination when they have a job to do on the Stay Healthy Street.  To make sure the temporary signs and cones remain in place and the streets function correctly, city crews inspect each route daily.

Initial feedback has been positive.

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