Tips for Vacationing During the Pandemic

If you’re planning to take a vacation right now during the pandemic, travel smart. Here are tips from local and national experts for staying safe when getting away (from Pemco Insurance newsletter):
  • Plan. Love unscripted days and discovering charming roadside inns? It might be better to hold that thought till 2021. This year’s trip will be a safer with an itinerary and reservations. Avoid overcrowded attractions, verify ahead of time that your destination is open, and consider vacationing a little closer to home.
  • Pack. A travel-ready COVID kit includes masks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and a table cloth. And remember to pack plenty of picnic goodies from home – doing so will help you avoid those extra unnecessary stops along the way.
  • Clean. If you are getting a room for a night (or more!), open the windows when you arrive and dive into that COVID kit. Even if your room’s been serviced, take a few minutes to wipe down door handles, light switches, bathroom surfaces, TV remotes and the microwave and mini-fridge. Looking “clean” doesn’t necessarily mean “disinfected.”
  • Take care of yourself first. If you’re traveling with people who live outside your home, take separate cars. Ditto for RVs or camping tents. (Enclosed spaces with prolonged exposure are germ incubators). Outdoors is generally safer than indoors, but mask up in public and anywhere you can’t maintain six feet of separation. Wash your hands thoroughly after visiting pay stations, campground laundry facilities, cooking shelters, public restrooms and potable water faucets. The best way to be vigilant is to do the little things the right way, every time.
  • Boat wisely. Mask etiquette, disinfecting surfaces and keeping your distance at the dock are all good places to start. Swimming’s fine as long as the water is uncrowded, but make sure you can keep a safe distance when getting in and out.

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