Make an Emergency Kit

September is National Preparedness Month. This year, you already may have a head start on the emergency kit you’ve been meaning to make, thanks to that pantry full of shelf-stable food you bought at the start of the pandemic.
Now that you may be back to a more normal shopping routine, you can repurpose many of those items into a grab-and-go emergency kit to carry you through the next windstorm, power outage or even an earthquake.
In flip-top plastic storage boxes, gather essentials to sustain your family for at least three days without utilities:
  1. Ready-to-eat food: pop-top soup, granola bars, tuna pouches, peanut butter, crackers and, if you have furry friends, pet food
  2. Water (one gallon per person, per day)
  3. Medicine (in original bottles)
  4. Cash (smaller bills). Cards and ATMs won’t work if the power is out
  5. Sleeping bags in case you need to sleep in the car
  6. Phone charger for the car
  7. Change of clothes and shoes
  8. Personal care items, including toilet paper and baby wipes
  9. Flashlight
  10. Basic first-aid kit
Keep your storage boxes in the hall closet – quick to grab if you need to get out fast – and be sure to use and replace your food, water and medicine every six months so they stay fresh.
From Pemco newsletter.

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