Kingfisher Natural Area Work Parties – Thornton Creek

Thornton Creek watershed is all around us. Thornton Creek Natural Area is a series of properties in the Northgate neighborhood that preserve green space around Thornton Creek. This natural area includes Beaver Pond, Licorice Fern, Kingfisher, and other smaller natural areas and includes paths, restored native plants, and wildlife viewing. One of the designated natural areas, Kingfisher, is just south of Pinehurst, across Northgate Way.

Below is a link to the upcoming volunteer work planting parties starting November 21st and extending for the following 4 Saturdays into December. There are many plants for King Fisher this year, a lot of area to cover and work party size restrictions due to covid, so it will be challenging, and as always great recreation in a superb setting.

The planting area, although highly impacted by camping over the last winter/ spring, has been cleaned up by stewards, neighbors and the city, and covered over with mulch, and is a blank slate for reforestation. Come join for an hour or more, or for multiple days if you wish.

Be sure to register below, watch the video, and please unregister if you cannot attend to open the space for someone else. Take care all, and thank you for your interest in volunteering to make our neighborhood a better place.

Volunteer at

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