North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for January 2021

NPAC met for the first time on-line via Zoom. SPD Chief Adrian Diaz was the guest speaker.¬† SPD is working to update recruitment criteria. Emphasis will be on ‘serve others’ mindset. Though currently there are still preference points for being a veteran (this is a state law), there is talk of adding points for prior community service work, and speaking more than one language.

Recently SPD lost the equivalent of the total number of officers in ours, the north precinct. Many were through retirement, but also some far younger officers left. SPD is collaborating with city council and the mayor to reimagine policing, but it’s important that there be enough patrol officers to handle 911 calls. City council allocated some budget for hiring officers to fill that critical need.

The challenging issues of homelessness are no longer in SPD’s purview (except for crime). The city is working up plans for how other departments and organizations can take over this work.

You can read the minutes here.

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