King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Dashboard

King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (KCPAO) recently rolled out the first edition of a data dashboard for the public that shows information about criminal justice cases in the county. While Seattle City Attorney’s Office handles mostly misdemeanors, KCPAO handles most of the felony cases, and some misdemeanors.

KCPAO handles over 6,000 felony cases a year. As an aside, if you look at the date, be aware that public health restrictions limited the courts’ ability to process cases even while felonies continued to be committed. There is a big backlog now, and the courts are still only partially functioning.

You can filter and group the data by crime categories and time periods, and there are several tabs to choose to see cases in different stages.

Here is an example of felony hate crimes referred to CKPAO by law enforcement. Remember this is all King County:

And here is an example of motor vehicle theft case filings:

KCPAO is eager to get public feedback so it can improve this first attempt at improved transparency. There is an email address to do so on the main page.

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