Community Scavenger Hunt May 23!

Here’s more info about our neighborhood scavenger hunt Sunday, May 23, 1-4pm! We’ll be handing out maps and question & answer sheets at the Pinehurst Pocket Park until 4 pm. At that booth, there will be a QR code you can snap to get to the Google map online if you want an easier way to navigate than the paper map.
Use the numbered dots on the map to navigate to the location of the items, find the matching number on the Q&A sheet, read the question, look around for the item, and circle the multiple-choice answer. It’s a fun excuse to take a walk (or bike ride) and see some interesting yard art, geological features, etc. The 3 illustrations are some of the hunt items. Do as much or as little of the hunt as you want.
We hope to see you, and we hope a lot of neighbors meet and greet each other (6′ apart) as they hunt for the clues. Pinehurst dogs are sure to like this event, too!

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