St. George Church Property Update

After I posted an update on the property on NE 125th St that the city bought to be a park/floodplain, a reader in the comments section wondered about the status of the vacant property that housed St. George Episcopal Church at 2212 NE 125th St. The most recent info I’d seen was in this 2019 article:
Here is an update today from the Episcopalian Diocese property manager:

The diocese is still trying to develop the property as a community of homes.  It’s still waiting for the City to give it building permits.  The process began in 2016.  The site has some challenges because of Thornton Creek, mature trees, and the usual sort of city planning concerns.  The pandemic slowed the work of the city planning department considerably.

The diocese has paid for twice-daily security patrols since 2016.  It fenced in the property to reduce illegal uses and camping.  It also stopped permitting the property to be used by any group in 2019.

Once it receives the building permits, the existing building will be demolished and it will begin the process of building nine (9) homes on the property.  There will be a memorial garden to remember Saint George that will have parts of the church incorporated into the common garden area.  The city prohibits any alteration to Thornton Creek, and no earth moving work can take place during the rainy season.

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