98125 Comparison of 2010 & 2020 Census Data

The chart below shows some data comparing demographics of our zip code, 98125, between 2010’s census and 2020’s. 98125’s boundaries are NE 100th St, 1st Ave NE, NE 145th St, and Lake Washington.

There are still many more white people living here, to an extent due to systemic racism and its legacy. For instance, a real estate plat containing more than 400 properties in the southeast corner of Pinehurst actually had a covenant that said, “Said tract shall not be sold, leased, or rented to any person or persons other than of Caucasian race nor shall any person or persons other than of Caucasian race use or occupy said tract.” Olympic Hills had a similar restrictive covenant. The 1968 Fair Housing Act voided these kinds of covenants, but you can still see them on the original plat documents. Here’s a map of tracts that had restrictive covenants: Not all the plats in 98125 had such covenants, but many real estate agents would steer people of color away from these white areas in north Seattle.

The chart below, showing percent change of different demographics, indicates progress is being made in overcoming both social and legal impediments in real estate in our neighborhood.

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