Minutes for North Precinct Advisory Council – September 2021

Here are the minutes from the September North Precinct Advisory Council meeting. The guest speaker was the executive director of the criminal justice training center where all state police agencies get basic training before getting further local training.

Crime stat-wise, citywide crime is up 6% year-to-date compared to last year year-to-date, but only up 3% in our precinct. Car theft is down 8%, but there are still many car thefts.

The Q&A part of the meeting revealed great citizen frustration with current crime and disturbing/disruptive behavior in the city. Captain Stampfl explained what SPD can and cannot do, given City Council’s changes to how it functions, the transfer of some functions to social services, and the loss of about 300 officers. He is sympathetic to complaints about the level of crime, frustrated with how things are, and also in agreement that eliminating racism from SPD is important.

His advice for what we can do – 1) vote for city leaders you think will best solve our problems; 2) keep calling 911 even if you are cynical about response, because the reports are put in a database that helps SPD allocate scarce resources; 3) join with your neighbors and create a large voice to tell current city leaders that the current situation is unacceptable. Also, of course, we as individuals can write or call our representatives.

Here are the minutes:

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