Art Walk and Meet the Artists – Temporary Art Installations

Some temporary art installations have popped up in Lake City! Taking a walking tour to see them all might be a fun thing to do some nice fall day! Here’s the one in front of Lake City Library. It’s called Orca – Wolf Transformation, and the artist is Micah McCarty
Orca – Wolf Transformation, mounted on the Traditional style Box that represents the wealth of the royal families of the Lake. In a tribute to the hereditary legacy and Living memory of the Lake “Lake Washington” and presented to the diverse community of Lake City with respect to indigenous relatives.
They are a result of the city sponsored Seattle Art Book Camp. A Lake City Art Walk and “Meet the Artists” event is Saturday, October 9,  at 2 pm
Walking map and information is available at the Lake City Library Plaza
You can see thumbnails of all of them here:…/public-art-boot-camp…/

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