New Farmers’ Market in Shoreline

PictureDo you have trouble getting to the Lake City Farmers’ Market on Thursdays? This year Shoreline has a farmers’ market on Saturdays, 10am – 3pm, starting June 16th.

The market is at Shoreline City Hall, upper level, at 17500 Midvale Ave N. It’s right off the Interurban Trail, and there is garage parking for those driving. There will be vendors, music and a couple non-profit booths. And you can bring your dog (on a short leash).

See its website here for more information.

Help Report Loud Aircraft Over Pinehurst

When I was thinking about moving to Pinehurst 15 years ago I was told that we get a lot of airplane traffic overhead from planes coming north past the airport, then turning around a bit north of us and going south by the same route to land. Before I made an offer on the house I sat in my car in front of it and timed and listened to the plane traffic. I clocked about one plane a minute, which surprised me.  Most of the noise was faint and it didn’t bother me, so I bought the house.  But once in a while (like this morning) I hear an intrusively loud plane overhead.

One of our neighbors has noticed a lot of airplane noise over the years and he wants to bring it to the attention of  the Port of Seattle. Folks in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline are also starting to report to the Port and the Port is taking note.

If you would like to help let the Port know about especially loud flyovers, when you hear one please report it.  You will need the time and date of the noise occurrence, so make a note of that if you are going to log a report later. A cell phone’s clock is a reasonably accurate measure of time, and may help pinpoint the source of the noise with more precision than a traditional wall clock.

Noise comment form is here:


Northgate Parking Editorial by Pinehurst Neighbor

A Pinehurst neighbor (and former writer for this site!) has written an editorial on the parking garage being discussed for Northgate. It is on the most prominent transit site in the region and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s certainly worth a read.

Editorial: We Can Do Better Than Another Parking Garage

Wednesday night at the Link Northgate station meeting, Ron Endlich of Sound Transit told the audience that they plan to weigh all the options to mitigate lost parking during and after construction at Northgate station. I, others who live in the Northgate area, and the Seattle Transit Blog editorial board urge Sound Transit to invest in a pedestrian bridge over I-5 and in increased local transit service – not a new parking garage in the middle of a Seattle urban center.

… read the rest at Seattle Transit Blog.

Northgate Station Updates

Sorry for the short notice for those who don’t know this already but there’s a meeting on the Northgate Station tomorrow, Wednesday March 1st. If you can’t attend, you can reach ST’s outreach staff via email instead if you have comments.

March 21, 6:00 – 8:30 PM Northgate Station to Tunnel Portal Construction
Olympic View Elementary School – 504 NE 95th St, Seattle

This reminder was on SeattleTransitBlog and also comes with a Northgate Parking Update.

I do have some good news on the parking situation at Northgate: multiple sources tell me that Sound Transit are in discussion with the City and other agencies on this subject, and the possibility exists (which I had previously been told was very unlikely) that ST could ask the FTA to remove the stipulation of one-for-one parking replacement in the North Link Record of Decision, a mitigation measure which would effectively force ST to build a parking structure at Northgate. If, like me, you believe that spending millions on “free” parking in a nascent urban center and transit hub is a disastrously awful idea, I would encourage you to attend ST’s Northgate meetings, or to email their community outreach staff — especially if you live near the future Northgate Station.

I was also sent info on a very relevant presentation on the Northgate Urban Center by David Miller to the 46th District Democrats. There is a lot going on right now with Northgate and there are many opportunities to be involved.

David Miller gave us a presentation about the upcoming changes to the Northgate area due to the construction of the Light Rail station which should be completed in 2021. He not only described the changes, he went into the challenges for neighborhood activists, what the issues are with urban housing and how we as activists can get involved. Please click here to view his presentation slides, and get involved in this important local issue!

Recent Update to Pinehurst History

I’ve heard mention of this story before (on this site in fact) but they recently presented Officer Allshaw’s wife, Suzanne, with a Medal of Honor. There’s more on the SPD Blotter site as well as the In Memoriam page.

SPD Presents Medal of Honor to Family of Officer Killed Decades Ago

More than forty years after Seattle police officer Robert Allshaw was killed in the line of duty during a robbery at a grocery store in North Seattle, Seattle Police Department Assistant Chief Mike Sanford and Lt. Donnie Lowe traveled to Indio, CA this week to present Officer Allshaw’s wife, Suzanne, with a Medal of Honor, recognizing her husband’s service to Seattle.

Officer Robert Allshaw was accidentally shot and killed by another police officer on November 11, 1968 during a robbery call at a grocery store in the Pinerhurst neighborhood of North Seattle.

We’re in the News Today… Sort Of

This week’s Neighborhood of the Week section in Seattle Times highlights Pinehurst, except they call it Victory Heights. Ha ha ha! The very first sentence is, ‘It’s easy to see why Victory Heights neighbors might be caught in an identity crisis.’ Yeah, because we aren’t Victory Heights! I mean, the north half of Victory Heights is also called Pinehurst. In fact, I always thought I lived in Victory Heights until the prior Pinehurst Community Council president said I was in Pinehurst. I had my own identity crisis! But really, it’s win-win because now I identify with both neighborhoods and get involved with events in both places.

This illustrates that Seattle’s named neighborhoods are not official areas, and their boundaries are squishy. Pinehurst Community Council says if you think you live in Pinehurst, you live in Pinehurst – the more the merrier – welcome, and get involved!

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for March 2012

The guest speaker at March’s NPAC was Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent of Seattle Parks Dept.

You can see what he says about public safety in parks in the minutes for the meeting, as well as updates from SPD unit officers here.

Kids Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

This week’s art in the Pocket Park is by, well, it’s unsigned, so we don’t know. Someone drew it at Pinehurstfest last summer. Thanks, Anonymous, for your cool picture that’s enlivening our park! Pinehurst Pocket Park is at NE 117th St and 19th Ave NE.

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork for the Pocket Park, please email We’ll put it on mat board donated by FRAMEIT Ltd, 539 NE Northgate Way.

March 31 Urban Nature Event at Magnuson Park

Come to Magnuson Community Center and EarthCorp’s third annual nature event. The festival features Spyglass Theater’s “The Secret Life of Bugs” and family-friendly presentations and interactive booths by organizations such as Insect Safari, Roving Reptiles, Woodland Park Zoo, Bats Northwest, Burke Museum, Mountaineers, Audubon and more.  There will also be art and nature activities, including the Nature Explorers Lab and a nature themed carnival.   Fun for the whole family!

Location:  Auditorium and gym

3/31     Sat.      10:30 am – 2 pm   $5 per family/$2 per person

3/13 Message from Terrie Johnston, Crime Prevention Coordinator

Terrie sent this message March 13th. I was on vacation and wasn’t able to post this earlier, and since then, the police have arrested a young man who has prior convictions for burglarizing homes while the owners slept. See Maple Leaf Life story here. We’re hoping this helps reduce the spate of occupied burglaries we’ve been having. Regardless, her crime prevention tips are well worth following.

“Burglary News:  Even though North Precinct SPD patrol officers, plain-clothes units and our proactive Burglary/Theft Unit  were able to make 3 separate arrests this weekend of burglars, the crimes continue.

Here are some of the burglaries that occurred since March 9th.

13000 30 NE

12700 27 NE

12000 33 NE

1500 blk NE 91

800 blk. NE 89

2500 NE 134

Some of the entries were made through forcing open back windows; some came in through unlocked front doors.  Loaded guns; bank documents; checkbooks; jewelry; laptops; Flatscreen TV; pills; wine; and cash were all reported stolen in the above crimes. In one of the burglaries, neighbors called 9-1-1 minutes after they heard breaking glass in the apt. complex.  K9 arrived to track the fleeing suspect, but the officer was unable to apply the K9 due to the number of residents who were gathered around to watch the incident unfold.  (If K9 officers are tracking through your yard or neighborhood, go inside so the Police dog’s nose can do its amazing thing.)

This is no time to get complacent.  Please continue to lock up; report all suspicious activity to 9-1-1; share information with your neighbors; keep personal banking information locked away or shredded, this is gold to Identity thieves.  Consider storing guns in lockers or safes when you are away from the house.  Keep an inventory list of your valuables.  As always, I am available for Block Watch meetings or to assist with any public safety concerns.


Terrie Johnston

Seattle Police Crime Prevention