Hands On! A Community Skills Fair, February 12th


What happened to the practical know-how our grandparents had? In our modern industrial age, cheap energy, factory automation and transnational economics have allowed us to out-source almost every aspect of our lives, including how we feed, clothe, and entertain ourselves.
But a new wave is sweeping the country. People are recognizing the joy, satisfaction and security of being able to provide for our own needs, shifting from dependence on giant corporations to a healthy interdependence with our local community. 
 In partnership with Ravenna Eckstein and Meadowbrook Community Centers, Sustainable NE Seattle is organizing a community skills fair called “Hands On.” Forty folks from our neighborhoods have stepped up to share skills such as food preservation, grafting, tool repair, and making clothes. 
Let’s re-learn the skills our grandparents knew.
The event takes place February 12, 2011. The skills workshops are being held in two community centers simultaneously. Vanpools will be available.

Upcoming Jane Addams K-8 Open Houses

From a Pinehurst Blog Reader:

Jane Addams K-8 School invites you to join us to learn more about this NE Seattle Option School.

Jane Addams K-8 is an exciting new school with an emphasis on environmental science. Along with rigorous academics, the school offers an integrated Spectrum program for advanced learners, bilingual services for English Language Learners (ELL), special education services, and rich arts offerings. An exceptional faculty and staff, diverse student body and engaged parents have created this thriving school community in record time. Come see what all the excitement is about!

Evening Open Houses: February 8 and March 9, 6:30-8:00pm
Morning Tours: February 10, February 16, March 1, March 15 and March 23, 8:30-10:00am

Principal Debbie Nelsen will provide a school overview and Science Specialist Christine Benita will share details about the school’s environmental science program. Tour the building, talk with teachers and observe classes.

Please visit the Jane Addams PTSA website: www.janeaddamsptsa.org to learn more about our school. Jane Addams opened in 2009 and has space at all grade levels. We focus on learning – We respect ourselves and others We take care of our school – We solve problems We PERSEVERE!

Jane Addams K-8 is a Seattle Public School located at 11051 34th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98125

The Drowsy Chaperone at Seattle Musical Theatre

We’ve got another show with at least a couple Pinehurst connections coming up at Seattle Musical Theatre.  The Stage Manager, Bradley Stieger and the Sound Engineer, Caleb Dietzel both live in Pinehurst. I’ve been excited about this one since I heard it was coming to Seattle Musical Theatre since I missed it on my trip to New York.

February 11-March 5
Friday-Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2pm

Thursday, March 3 at 7:30pm

$40/$35 general admission
$35/$30 students
Tickets can be purchased at http://www.seattlemusicaltheatre.org or by calling 206-363-2809

The roaring 20’s are back and funnier than ever! Seattle Musical Theatre presents the first Seattle based production of The Drowsy Chaperone February 11-March 5 at their theatre in Sandpoint Magnuson, directed by Gregory Award winner Brandon Ivie. The Drowsy Chaperone defied the odds and became a Tony Award winning smash on Broadway in 2006.

The Drowsy Chaperone is the tale of a modern day musical theater maven, known simply as “Man in Chair.” To chase his blues away, he drops the needle on his favorite LP – the 1928 madcap musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone. As his hi-fi crackles, the musical magically bursts to life on-stage. We learn the tale of the pampered Broadway starlet who wants to give up showbiz to get hitched, and her producer’s attempts to sabotage her impending nuptials. Hilarious antics ensue with her chaperone, the debonair groom, the dizzy chorus girl, the Latin lover and a pair of gangsters masquerading as pastry chefs. Man in Chair’s love of The Drowsy Chaperone speaks to anyone who has ever been transported by the theater.

The Drowsy Chaperone got its start as an odd thing: a wedding present at a stag party. Bob Martin (who would later become the bookwriter and star as Man in Chair) received The Drowsy Chaperone as a wedding present for he and his wife, Janet Van De Graaf (both of whom are now characters in the musical). Their friends knew of Mr. Martin’s obsession with musicals and wrote him and his wife one. It was such a hit that they remounted it at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. After transferring to a larger theatre in Canada, it was picked up by producer Roy Miller, went through rewrites, opened in Los Angeles and then transferred to Broadway. The original production won nominated for 13 Tony Awards and won five, including Best Book and Best Score, and played 674 performances.

Seattle Musical Theatre (formerly Civic Light Opera) is conveniently located in Magnuson Park, at 7120 62nd Ave NE. Parking is plentiful and free. Performances are Friday through Sunday, with one Thursday night offering. Tickets are $30-$40 with special rates for seniors, students and group sales. Tickets can be purchased at http://www.seattlemusicaltheatre.org or by calling the box office at 206-363-2809.

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This Week’s Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park


This week our thanks goes to Sacajawea first grader Euan for loaning us his beautiful drawing.  It’s on display in the Pinehurst Pocket Park kiosk at NE 117th and 19th Ave NE.  Take a stroll over there to see it up close and personal!

Volunteer Event: North Acres Park

I got passed the following local volunteer opportunity which looked like lots of fun:


Date & Time

Saturday, March 26, 2011
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sign up for this event

Event Description

Join EarthCorps and the Green Seattle Partnership for a day of urban forest restoration at Noth Acres Park. Volunteers will remove invasive plant species that are threatening the health of the forest, perform restoration site maintenance (weeding & mulching) and possibly plant native trees & shrubs.

This 20.7 acre park is surrounded by a forest of fir and contains a small forest behind the picnic area. Facilities include 2 ballfields, a play area for children, a dog off-leash area, and a wading pool.

For more information, contact:

Chris LaPointe, Volunteer Program Manager
(206) 322-9296, ext. 217

Day-of-event contact:

Elizabeth White
(206) 255-4160

latest from the Pinehurst Playfield Shelter

Remodel is nearing completion and it is looking great. It will be like having a brand new up to date building! Here is a photo looking up at the new lights and windows and a construction shot out front. We should be able to have a grand opening party this spring. The building will be rentable for private parties or community events.

ceiling and lights

ceiling and lights

construction out front

construction out front

Name the parks along Thornton Creek

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites the public to submit potential names for four separate areas of park land in the Thornton Creek watershed. Here’s the press release. Suggestions are due by 3/3/2011.

The parks to be named are:

  • Park #1: This park site is adjacent to the Jackson Park Golf course to the west. It is bordered by NE 130th St. to the south and 10th Ave. NE to the west. It follows the creek northeasterly toward NE Brockman Pl. It is predominantly a wooded ravine providing rich wildlife habitat on the North Branch of Thornton Creek.
  • Park #2: This large assemblage of properties follows the South Branch of Thornton Creek southeasterly from approximately 15th Ave. NE and NE 105th St. to NE 98th St. west of 20th Ave. NE. There are formal access points at NE 102nd St. and 17th Ave. NE and at NE 104th and 17th Sts. NE, as well as two areas along NE 100th St. The park features viewpoints, wetlands, and an abundant wildlife habitat.
  • Park #6: This park consists of several contiguous parcels located near the Northgate Community Center and continues northeasterly into the Maple Leaf neighborhood. It is bordered by NE 103rd St. and NE 107th St. to the south and north and by 5th Ave. NE to the west and Roosevelt Way NE to the east. The park includes the South Branch of Thornton Creek, wooded areas, wetlands, and several trails. Visitors will see a wide variety of wildlife including an active beaver pond. There are several major access points located at the southerly end of the park, on NE 105th St. and at the corner of NE 106th St. and 9th Ave. NE.
  • Thornton Creek Natural Area: Ravenna Ave: This park is just east of Lake City Way between Fischer Pl. NE and Ravenna Ave. NE, north of NE 100th St. to approximately NE 103rd St. Access to the park is from Fischer Pl. NE, at the north side of the Shutter Shop parking lot, along the fence. This site was once a diary operated by the Blindheim family and is now a natural area that includes the confluence of Willow Creek and the South Branch of Thornton Creek. There has been a focus on restoration and stewardship of the creek and the native vegetation in this area.

This Week’s Art at Pinehurst Pocket Park

This week Jama, a fifth grader, is our artist. The kids at Sacajawea are learning how to use circles, rectangles and triangles to define the basic form of the animals they’re drawing. Next they draw the outline around the shapes, erase the shapes, and finish with shading. The result is very advanced looking work. Thank you, Jama, for sharing your terrific elephant!

Swing by the Pocket Park at NE 117th & 19th Ave NE to see this work up close, then take a stroll around the park!

Elephant - Jama - grade5

What To Do About Graffiti

What can you do if you spot some new graffiti/tagging in the neighborhood?  Thanks to the Ravenna Neighborhood blog (http://www.ravennablog.com), here is some information, which I copy verbatim from Rebecca’s post:

If the graffiti is on public property, you can call the Graffiti Report Line at (206) 684-7587. Additionally, Seattle Public Utilities has an online Report Graffiti Form which includes sizeable text boxes in which to describe the vandalism, location, and any other comments you may have. I would also recommend taking a picture of the graffiti and saying you have such on the form or within your phone call.

If you have graffiti on your own private property, call the Seattle Police Department at (206) 625-5011 to file a police report.

If you see graffiti in progress, however, DO call 911. Graffiti vandals must be caught in the act to be prosecuted, says the SPD.

More information on Seattle Public Utilities Graffiti Prevention and Removal can be found here.

Take the Seattle Happiness Survey

This is a project of the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative and Sustainable Seattle, with Take Back Your Time and the Compassionate Action Network

Want to help Seattle develop an index of our collective happiness?  An on-line survey offers you an enjoyable way to learn just how well you are doing in the nine domains of happiness identified by researchers around the world. These include:

  1. psychological well-being
  2. physical health
  3. time or work-life balance
  4. social connection and community vitality
  5. education
  6. access to arts, culture and recreation
  7. environmental quality and access to nature
  8. good governance
  9. material well-being

 When you complete the survey, you will receive an instantaneous well-being score for each of these domains, and you will be able to compare your score with the median results for others who have taken the survey. You will find that the 135 questions in this survey will encourage you to think about your life in new ways and about what you can do to be happier.

This survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and you cannot stop and start over, so do the survey when you have a period of free time. It is the length of the survey that allows it to give you a comprehensive picture of your well-being in comparison to others.

Overall data from the survey will be analyzed and provided to media but your individual data will not be revealed to others. Demographic data is requested so overall results can be analyzed, but it does not ask for your name, address, etc. Your privacy will be protected.

Find out more about the project and take the survey: http://sustainableseattle.org/sahi