North Precinct Picnic – Save the Date

Save the date! The North Precinct Police picnic is Saturday, July 9th, 1-4pm. It’s fun!

There’s free food, free music and dance exhibitions, community booths, door prizes, and tours of the precinct building.

Plus, if they aren’t on a call, the bomb squad, mounted patrol unit, K9 unit and SWAT are there to demonstrate what they do.

North Precinct is at 10049 College Way N., across from North Seattle Community College.


We’ll post another reminder in early July.

Merlin Falcons in Pinehurst Again

WingsSpreadSpike and Thor, the Pinehurst Merlin Falcons, are again nesting in our neighborhood. They’ve established themselves in an abandoned crow’s nest on NE 113th St this year. Eggs should be hatching any day now. If you go looking for them, please be discrete so they aren’t disturbed.

We think it’s likely that one of their offspring from a few years ago is in Shoreline, and at least one of her chicks has hatched.  There is also a nesting pair in Lake Forest Park.

These falcons are really establishing themselves in the city.

Just Funnin’

Pinehurst Trees

Observant Pinehurst Neighbor Helps in Burglary Arrests

From the SPD Blotter, here is a great example of how knowing your neighbors and keeping an eye out can fight crime:

“On June 2nd, just before noon, North Precinct officers were dispatched to a call of a burglary in the 12500 Block of 25th Avenue NE.  A neighbor called 911 to report that he had just witnessed a burglary to his neighbor’s house.  The witness stated that he observed two men walking out the front door of his neighbor’s house with a pillowcase full of unknown items.  The caller yelled at the men to stop, but they took off running and got into a car, which left eastbound on NE 127th Street.  Fortunately, the neighbor was able to remember the description of the car and the license plate number.

Officers arrived and confirmed that there was evidence of a forced-entry burglary at the house.  The homeowner was contacted and returned home to speak with officers.  The suspect vehicle description was broadcast for other officers in the area.

A North Precinct officer spotted the suspect car travelling south on Interstate 5.  After a sufficient number of patrol cars were present, the suspect car was stopped at NE 45th Street and 5th Avenue NE.  There were two adult males inside the car.  While waiting for the witness to come by to identify the suspects, officers observed a stuffed pillowcase in the backseat of the car and a pair of leather gloves in the front passenger seat.  The neighbor witness was brought to the scene where he positively identified the two men as the ones he saw earlier coming out of his neighbor’s house.  The two suspects were arrested and later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary.”

Jackson Park Trail System Master Plan Update

The Friends of Jackson Park Trail (FOJPT), with the help of Larson Casteel, have completed the Jackson Park Trail System Master Plan which identifies the community’s priorities for the next steps in further design and construction of the trail. Please see the final report located on the Seattle Parks and Recreation Website:

FOJPT will be meeting with Seattle Parks and Recreation soon to discuss next steps. We will post the progress on the Pinehurst Blog, including the need for community involvement. As described in the plan, community involvement will include community outreach, trail fund raising, trail construction, and invasive species removal. Thanks again to everyone that participated in the first step in realizing a trail system for the community. If you are new to this project, and interested in helping to move this project forward, we encourage you to access the posted website to learn more and to contact Katheryn Seckel, to get involved.

We are very excited about the Jackson Park Trail System and look forward to working with the residents of Pinehurst to create a beautiful, functional trail system for our community.

Note from Crime Prevention Coordinator Terrie Johnston

I  just completed my first month as your North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator.  I have introduced myself to the University, Broadview, Wedgwood, Pinehurst, Wallingford neighborhoods and have meetings scheduled in Blue Ridge; Ballard; Crown Hill; Sunset Hills and a walk with FAWN is also booked.  

In reviewing the residential burglary reports for the past couple of weeks, I noted some trends worth mentioning.

The majority of May’s burglaries occurred through open and unlocked windows/doors.   This means  that these burglaries may have been prevented if the residents had used their available locks.  We encourage you to keep your windows/doors closed and locked whenever you are away from home, even if you are only dashing out for a quick errand.   Limit how far your windows will open by using snug-fitting dowels in the tracks of sliders; sash pins in double-hung windows and track latches.  We advise pinning the windows open no more than 4 inches.

A few entries were made through the “dog door”.   In many of the forced-entry burglaries, the thief used the victim’s tools to pry open the back door, or threw decorative bricks or rocks from the homeowner’s yard through the window.  Burglars love secluded back yards since they allow the thief more time to gain entry.  Most burglaries occur during the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Electronics, jewelry, cash were the main items taken.  Car keys, check books and rare collectable sneakers were also reported stolen.  Most of the victims could not provide the detectives with neither photographs of the valuables, nor serial numbers of the electronic.  We encourage you to make an Inventory list of your valuables and keep that in a secure location, such as a safety deposit box or safe.  Doing so may assist the police in the case of recovering stolen property. 

Ready for some good news?  Yesterday afternoon a watchful neighbor called 9-1-1 to report a suspicious circumstance.  The caller reported seeing two unknown people coming out of her neighbor’s backyard.  She was able to give a great description to the call takerof the 2 white males and even provided a partial license plate number to the car in which they left.  Patrol officers arrived within minutes and upon searching the house verified it had been burglarized.  Other officers recognized the wanted suspect from the description and drove to the thief’s nearby home.  The two suspects were there and arrested.  Burglary Detectives from the North Precinct responded to the scene for evidence collection and to further process the scene.    All of this happened because  a watchful neighbor trusted her gut feelings that something was wrong and called 9-1-1!   Great good work done by all involved.

National Night Out will be on Tuesday, August 2nd this year.  I will let you know shortly when the on-line application page of our website is open for your registration.  Give me a call to schedule a Block Watch meeting or for a free home security assessment.  Thanks for sharing this information with your contact lists.  tj

Seattle Police Crime Prevention


May 31 Thornton Creek Park #1 Planning Meeting

Please attend, listen to your neighbors’ opinions, express your wishes, and leave a written comment in our log if you wish. 

Tuesday May 31, 2011 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
 St Matthew Parish Conference Rooms
1240 NE 127th Street, Seattle WA 98125
 Light refreshments and parking

Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1, a neighborhood organization, has adopted and is stewarding the Thornton Creek Park #1 Natural Area, between 10th and 15th Avenues NE and north of 130th Street.

Friends recently received an $18,000 Seattle Department of Neighborhood Small & Simple Grant for community outreach and planning, with the assistance of landscape architect Peggy Gaynor, GAYNOR, Inc. The planning and design workshops, listed above, are the first step in creating a vision and action plan for the future of the park. Our goals are to preserve and restore the natural habitats, keep the park wildlife-friendly and provide environmentally-sensitive pedestrian access to the park.

Please come join your neighbors and provide your input, to create a vision for Thornton Creek Park #1.

For maps showing the area of the Park, and for photos taken in the Park, see pages in this site

To submit your comments directly, email to

Revisiting Graffiti

I’ll get to graffiti in a minute.  But first, Officer Kipp Strong attended our community meeting May 26. He’s on the Community Police Team, and Pinehurst is in his assigned area. CPT officers don’t respond to 911 calls, but are instead assigned a specific area to focus on long-term, often chronic problems. They patrol many times a day, checking and re-checking known “hot spots”.

It’s their job to know the residents in troubled houses, to recognize by sight regulars who congregate on the corner, and to understand the ongoing problems and concerns of neighbors and businesses. CPT is about understanding ongoing issues that go back weeks and months and taking steps to prevent problems before they arise.

Back to graffiti - We asked Officer Strong what we can do about the graffiti in our neighborhood. He says most of our graffiti  is by high school kids, not gangs. To reduce graffiti he encourages us to let him know about recurring tags. If we email close-up photos of tags to him, he can go to the local schools and work with the administrators to identify the taggers and deal with them. Let’s try it! His email address is

NE 115th St Sidewalk Update

Seattle Department of Transportation has completed the 100% design for the new sidewalk on NE 115th St between 5th Ave NE and 7th Ave NE.

NE 115th – 5th to 7th – 100% Sidewalk Plan 1
NE 115th – 5th to 7th – 100% Sidewalk Plan 2

The sidewalk will be on the south side of the street. The sidewalk will start at 5th Ave NE as a 6′ wide asphalt surface with a concrete curb. Due to the large Madrone trees, there will be no planting strip along the corner lot. Once past the corner lot, the sidewalk will taper away from the street to make room for a 7½’ planting strip.

Parking will be allowed on the south side against the curb; no parking will be allowed on the north side.

There will be no improvement to the drainage on the north side of the street. Where the sidewalk will end at 5th Ave NE, Seattle Public Utilities will add a new storm water drain/inlet. This is a significant (costly) aspect of the project.

Construction is expected to occur this summer.

Bark! invites you to “Game Night” June 5

Bark! Espresso at 11335 Roosevelt Way NE is hosting a “Game Night” on Sunday afternoon, June 5, 3 pm – 5 pm, open to everyone.

Staff will be on hand to serve beverages hot and cold, along with locally made baked goodies.

Bring a board or card game to share and a friend!