Missing Grey Cat

Our neighbour at 120th & 17th has a cat  that’s been missing for a few months now.  She’s put fliers in everyone’s mailbox around here, but I wanted to pass this on to as many as possible.  And, before you ask, yes I’ve been checking the ‘found cat’ posts lol.
He’s a grey tom, not sure of his name, but she refers to him as ‘grey one’.  He is not the grey tom w/a red collar that is also around here (that one is ‘squeaker’, lives in the culdesac on 17th, and is still popping up, so I don’t think he’s missing).  If anyone spots him, or has seen him, please call Suzy at (206) 902-8197, or you can email me at fmcqueen31@comcast.net and I’ll pass it on to her. 
Thanks :)

Toy Drive at Display & Costume, Open House 11/18-11/20

Display & Costume is participating in a toy drive for Children’s Hospital.

On behalf of Children’s Hospital we will be setting up a Giving Tree in our Seattle Store. The tree will be decked out with gift suggestions to be donated directly to this wonderful organization. To make it easier to donate, you can purchase the item directly from us and we will deliver them to Children’s in time for the Christmas holiday. Not only will you be supporting a well loved institution but you’ll also be sustaining a local, family owned business. All gift suggestions follow the recommened list by Children’s Hospital to ensure their young patients receive the kind of items most needed.

Also, next weekend, 11/18 – 11/20, they are holding a Christmas Open House.

Join us for our Annual Christmas Open House, Friday through Sunday, November 18th-20th, 2011. Free giveaways, Coupons and more to share as we reveal our Christmas sets for 2011. All new holiday themes, decadent and sweet. Elegant and whimsical. Enter to win Free Prizes. Enjoy complimentary refreshments: coffee, cookies and candycanes! To help celebrate this festive occasion, our popular Kids’ Fun Day will be returning to all three stores, Saturday, Nov. 19th, 1pm-3pm. The kids will be able to decoration cupcakes, ornaments and other holiday crafts. Remember, this event is FREE!

Remember the Holiday Sock Drive

Kids Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

This week’s artist is a mystery. A boy drew this fine picture at Pinehurstfest but he didn’t sign it. Thank you, whoever you are! Come see this piece in the kiosk at NE 117th St and 19th Ave NE.

f you would like to submit artwork for the Pocket Park, please email nancy@pinehurstseattle.org. We’ll put it on matt board donated for this purpose by FRAMEIT Ltd, 539 NE Northgate Way.

BECU opening on Northgate Way

PhinneyWood is reporting that BECU is closing their Greenwood Safeway location and relocating to 551 NE Northgate Way. The new location is set to open on December 5th.

As a BECU member, I’m very happy to be getting a branch in the neighborhood, especially a snapshot ATM for depositing checks.

(If you’re at a for-profit bank, you really should consider a local credit union like BECU or Salal…)

9-1-1 Behind the Scenes

The SPD 9-1-1 Call Center has 15-19 workers at each of 3 shifts. Half the room is call takers and the other half is radio dispatchers. When a call comes in, if it is appropriate, it is transferred to Seattle Fire Dept/Medic One, WA State Patrol, or another police agency. The call taker may get a translator on the line if one is needed. Events appropriate for the Police are triaged by the call taker (they ask you questions) and pass it on to the radio dispatchers.

Radio dispatchers see the typed events on  their computer screens. They prioritize the events and assign them to officers. Events are prioritized in this order:

  1. Immediate response – violent crimes, in-progress crimes, domestic violence
  2. Expedited response – just-occured property crimes, still a chance to apprehend suspect
  3. Investigative nature – just need police report

Even though personal information is taken by the call taker, and it is stored in the database, you may request anonymity. This may help if you are complaining about a neighbor and don’t want to make things worse between you. :)

After a radio dispatcher prioritizes the event, it is assigned to an officer in the precinct, sector and district where it occurred. If it is a serious emergency and all officers there are busy, it can be assigned to one in a different district, sector, or even precinct. Less serious events may have to wait for an officer if the officers in the district happens to be busy. The Call Center will update you about every hour if there is a long wait. The Radio dispatchers also manage radio traffic and record all updates from the assigned officers.

The Call Center handles both 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls. If you call 9-1-1 and say it is not an emergency, they will still take the call. If you call the non-emergency line (206-625-5011) they will take your call, but 9-1-1 calls take precedence.

Remember, the Police encourage us to call 9-1-1 if we see suspicious activity. Also, please report all crimes. The more the police know about what’s going on in the neighborhood, the better they can tune their activities to help. Property crimes under $500 can be called in, or you can self-report on-line here.

Tips For Calling 9-1-1

This month’s guest speaker at the North Precinct Advisory Council was a supervisor from the 9-1-1 Call Center. Here are some tips for when you call 9-1-1

  • Know ahead of time where you are so you can tell them when they ask
  • Know your directions – N,S,E,W – so you can tell them, for instance that the noise you heard was north of your house, or the car you saw was speeding west
  • Know your address – many calls come in from people who don’t know their home address!
  • If you don’t speak English, know how to say the name of your language in English; the call taker can get a translator on the line quickly
  • Let the call taker control the conversation; he/she is trained to triage by asking  important questions first, and sometimes starts the dispatch process even while you speak if it is warranted. They are not being rude if they cut you off to ask a question that may not seem relevent to you.
  • If all the call takers are busy, the phone will continue to ring, so just hang on. You’ll never get a busy signal.
  • Calls are prioritized, so if there are more dire events happening in your sector officers may take a while to get there.
  • If response is delayed due to prioritization and availability of officers, the dispatchers will (should) call you about every hour to let you know the status of your call.
  • Sometimes when officers are dispatched they will take care of the situation (such as a noise complaint) but will not come talk to you. You can call the next day to ask about the status of the case.
  • The non-emergency police phone number is 206-625-5011. It is an automated line, but you can get to an operator by choosing first 2 and then 8. :)

Burglaries Doubled From Last October

Terrie Johnston, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, reported at the North Precinct Advisory Council that though burglaries are down in general in the North Precinct, they are up in Lincoln Sector, the North Precinct sector Pinehurst is in. Last October there were 18 burglaries. This October there were 55. Twenty of the 55 were non-forced entry, meaning entry was from an unlocked door or window. Please help reduce your chances of being burglarized by locking your doors and windows.

Here is a map of the North Precinct sectors. Lincoln Sector is on the right, dark purple, labeled L1, L2 and L3.north_precinct_sectors

Trick-or-treating at Northgate Mall; Maple Leaf Parade of Costumes

If it’s raining on Halloween, and you’re looking for a dry place to trick-or-treat, Northgate Mall is an close-by option. Maple Leaf Life has the details. Maple Leaf is also having a Parade of Costumes tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

Jackson Park Golf Course Capital Improvements Meeting, 11/9

It had been a while since I had heard anything about the Jackson Park perimeter trail project, but apparently the design team has been selected. Next week there will be a public meeting with proposed designs.

Hey, Jackson Park Trail folks, keep us in the loop, okay?

Details on the event…
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