Dec 1 Luminaria Walk at Meadowbrook

Seattle Police Guidelines for Marijuana Use

The SPD is preparing for the legalization of marijuana possession that begins December 6th. Here is a guide to the use of marijuana from the SPD Blotter:

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for Nov. 2012


This month’s guest speaker at NPAC was Maggie Olsen from the Community Police Academy. She described the two free courses SPD offers about facets of SPD, law enforcement’s role in criminal justice system, and daily work of police. I took the 11 week course and found it to be fascinating. There’s a one day class, also.

See notes on Maggie’s presentation and other agenda and news in the minutes here.

Thanksgiving Homeless Donations

Just a little bit out of the neighborhood but a Pinehurst neighbor passed this along and I thought it was very much worth sharing.


This Thanksgiving marks the 6th annual effort to collect and donate much needed items to the homeless. Please consider contributions.

Since 2006, students and parents of St. Catherine’s School have served the homeless on Thanksgiving morning. This year we seek food, health care products and warm clothes. All food and sundries are sorted into small brown bags which students decorated with Thanksgiving images and words of support. StC parishioners and neighbors give everything directly to homeless  men and women on the streets of downtown Seattle early Thanksgiving morning.

What we collect and distribute:

  • Food: small bottles of fruit juices, soy brinks, breakfast and protein bars, single serving cheeses, muffins, individually packaged fruit products (apple sauce, sliced fruits, dried fruit, etc).
  • Health care products: travel-size hand sanitizers, dental floss, tooth brushes, tooth paste, hand wipes, Kleenex, bandages, and one-a-day vitamin packs.
  • Clothing: fleece jackets, fleece vests, winter weather socks, gloves, scarves, fleece caps, blankets. Adult sizes only.

Please bring donations to St. Catherine School at 8524 8th Avenue Northeast Seattle between 8:30 and 3:00 before Thanksgiving or contact George for a pick up @ or at 206-859-9062.

Have a great holiday season. Thank you for your kind and generous considerations.

Next Pinehurst Community Council Meeting

It’s still a ways away but I wanted to make sure people had Thursday, December 6th (6:30pm) on their calendar! It’s long overdue but it’s our next Pinehurst Community Council Meeting. Things are still being finalized but we’re keeping the agenda lite so we’ve got plenty of time to discuss and ask questions.

Pinehurst Community Council Meeting

Thursday, December 6th @ 6:30 pm

Pinehurst Amante Pizza and Pasta
12319 Roosevelt Way NE

(As people might have heard, the shelterhouse is booked out for months right now…)


  • Sound Transit Lynnwood Extension
    • This is more import and more interesting than it sounds. After Northgate the Link Light rail will be going through Pinehurst on its way north. The current plan is for it to be adjacent to I-5 on the east side. If you want to know more about how that will work
  • Pinehurst Websites and Online Communities
    • Between, the Pinehurst Facebook group, the Pinehurst Twitter, and the Pinehurst NextDoor site, there’s a lot of online content and communities. And that doesn’t even include all the other sites surrounding or including Pinehurst. We want to talk about how people are using these sites, how/when they want the community council to be involved, what we can do to make them better, and what everybody can do to make them better.
    • We hope for this to be a very interactive event. We really want your input here!

Also, you can bring new socks/gloves/scarves/hats for the Seattle Police North Precinct Holiday Sock Drive and we’ll deliver them for you.

Mayor’s Town Hall – 11/27

There’s a town hall with the mayor coming up. This includes the mayor, many city departments, and a bunch of community groups. Though Pinehurst unfortunately won’t be one of those groups this time, I’m hoping many community members show up to represent us, ask questions, and give feedback. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the city.

As part of the Engage Seattle initiative, in order to ensure that as many people as possible who live, work, or play in Seattle are able to voice their concerns and offer their feedback directly to the Mayor, we’re holding a series of town halls in every part of the city. There’s one coming up later this month at the Northgate Community Center:

Tuesday, November 27th
Northgate Community Center
10510 5th Ave NE, 98125

5:30 to 6:30 pm: Community information fair
6:30 to 6:40 pm: Youth performance
6:40 to 8:00 pm: Open Q&A with Mayor McGinn and City staff

Pinehurst Pets

Meet Mensch. You’ll see him riding in his Eddie Bauer stroller while his adopted sister trots alongside, and his person, Cindy,  pushes his 55 lean pounds. No, he’s not lazy (a common question); his front leg was amputated after he fell out of an open pickup at 8 weeks old. He is a great companion (ear rubs!), watchdog, and daily lesson in how to have fun no matter what. Here he displays his expressive blue-and-pink-swirled tongue, evidence of his part-Shar Pei, part-Labrador Retriever heritage. Somehow, Menschie has never needed a dental cleaning, despite his favorite snack choice: barnacles gnawed directly off beach rocks.

If you would like to see your pet featured in the Pinehurst Pets column, please send a photo and a story about your pet to

Reminder – Sock Drive

October 2012 Pinehurst Crime Map

Here is a limited picture of Pinehurst property crime for October 2012. You can see ALL the types of crime at Choose North neighborhood and dates October 1 – 31.

New Sea-Tac Landing Plan Puts Fewer Planes Over North Seattle

The FAA recently approved new landing flight paths for Sea-Tac.  Jets will use a landing method that is shorter and smoother than the current stair-step pattern. According to a diagram that was in the Seattle Times a couple months ago, it will mean fewer planes will fly over North Seattle while landing. In addition, the method is expected to be safer and more fuel efficient. The plan goes into effect in the spring for about 15% of Sea-Tac arrivals, and will be gradually expanded. Continue reading New Sea-Tac Landing Plan Puts Fewer Planes Over North Seattle