Celebrate Neighbor Appreciation Day on February 11

Celebrate Seattle’s 18th annual Neighbor Appreciation Day, a special day to reach out to neighbors, create new friends, and express thanks to those who help make our neighborhood a great place to live. Community groups, businesses, and residents across Seattle come together on February 11 (and the week of) to celebrate this day.

There are several ways to participate:

  • Plan an activity for your neighborhood such as a block party, potluck, or work party. The website, www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/neighborday, provides ideas, tools, resources, and templates to help community members organize an activity. Once organized, the event can be posted to the online calendar at www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/neighborday/eventsubmit.htm (the submission can be made public or private).
  • Send out Neighbor Appreciation Day greeting e-cards to your neighbors. The selection of e-cards feature artwork from past winners of the Neighbor Appreciation Day Student Art Contest. See e-cards here.
  • Share a story or two about your favorite neighbors. Community members can visit the Neighbor Appreciation Day website to post stories about great neighbors or their neighborhood.
  • Attend one of the many community activities listed on the online calendar. Seattle Fire stations, Seattle Parks and Recreation community centers and pools, and other organizations have special Neighbor Appreciation Day events and work parties planned.
  • Join Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and the hundreds of community members across our city in celebration of what makes Seattle great – our neighbors! For information, visit http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/neighborday/ or contact Wendy Watson at wendy.watson@seattle.gov.

Have Ideas for Neighborhood Improvements?

The deadline for the 2012 Neighborhood Project Fund is February 1st. For those not aware, this is a city fund that lets people propose projects in their neighborhood that they would like to see done. These are small park or street improvements (up to $90k) such as playground improvements, pathway upgrades, accessibility improvements, traffic circles, traffic calming, school zone speed limit signs, etc.

Do you have projects you want to do in Pinehurst? The form is available on their website (and very short!) if you want to submit it yourself. But if you’ve got an idea you can discuss it here (or Facebook) and I can help. I’ve heard that Parks often feels left out of this process so are there any improvements you’d like to make to either park? I was thinking Pinehurst Playfield could use a billboard like the pocket park until I realized it already has one. Anything else?

Warning: While it has been done in the past, they explicitly warn that this is not recommended for sidewalks as they’re often more expensive than funding allows. Which isn’t to say that we can’t try for another 1-block segment someplace… It’s just less likely to be selected. Also, for traffic calming projects you need to go through the traffic calming program. There’s more details below but keep in mind that you would probably need to attend the Jan 17th meeting (Douglas Truth Library-2300 E Yesler Way) because the next one would be after the deadline.

Project Criteria:

  • Projects funded by the Cumulative Reserve Subfund (approx. $1 million total) can only be used for maintenance or repairs to existing City facilities, projects which address safety issues or upgrades related to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) like wheelchair access improvements.
  • Projects funded by the Neighborhood Street Fund (approx. $200K total) must be transportation-related. These projects may include new construction.
  • For traffic calming projects, you must participate in the Seattle Department of Transportation’s traffic calming program prior to applying for your project to ensure that the project is beneficial, feasible and that there is sufficient community support.  Information about the program is available on line at: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/neighborhoodtraffic.htm

Lake City UGM Shelter Advisory Meeting Minutes

Union Gospel Mission is running the homeless shelter in the old Lake City fire station. You can see the advisory committee meeing minutes from December 20, 2011 here.

Beaver Pond Planning Meeting, Wed. 1/11 7PM

There will be a planning meeting for the newly named Beaver Pond Natural Area at the Northgate Community Center on Wednesday, January 11th, at 7PM. The project’s web site is here.

Also check out this post on Maple Leaf Life about recent tree trimming (vandalism) and crime in the area.

Upcoming Community Council Meeting?

It has been quite a while since our last Pinehurst Community Council meeting and we’re currently in the process of planning the next one. We haven’t picked a date yet but we wanted to get some feedback first.

Do you have specific concerns about the neighborhood right now? Anybody you would like to hear from? Is there a project you think we should be working on? Something you have been working on that you want to share with the community or get help on? We’ve got a lot of our own ideas we plan on bringing but we wanted to see what you all thought too.

Northgate Design Review Meeting Rescheduled

The early design guidance meeting below has been canceled rescheduled for February 6th. I left out the full address so nobody will skim this and think it’s for an actual meeting but you can follow the link at the bottom for more details.

Project: 3012842

Project Description:
The proposal is for a 7-story building containing 238 residential units above 16,000 sq ft. of retail space. Existing structures to be demolished. Parking for 325 vehicles to be provided.

Date: Monday, January 9, 2012
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Location: University Heights Center


It sounds like there wasn’t enough notice given originally so they’re just rescheduling it for February 6th. I haven’t seen the official posting for the new date but I’ll share it when I do.

Solarize Seattle Project Coming to NE Seattle!

Solar power is viable here in Western Washington; it can save money, help reduce carbon emissions and help with energy independence. The “Solarize” projects are neighborhood efforts designed to bring affordable solar energy to Seattle residential neighborhoods and the next Solarize Seattle project will be available for zip codes 98105, 98115 & 98125. The project, “Solarize Seattle: Northeast”, is getting started with the help of the nonprofit organizations Northwest SEED and Sustainable NE Seattle.

Neighborhood volunteers are working to get information about the project out to the eligible areas because registration for participation starts soon, January 17, 2012 and ends April 23, 2012. Free informational workshops make attendees eligible for a free assessment on solar installations by experienced vetted contractors. Savings are increased using group buying power, plus, state and federal incentives, making this project an excellent opportunity for affordable solar installations.

Queen Anne completed its project, Magnolia is completing theirs and NE Seattle is ready to be the next area to take advantage of this local effort to increase affordable residential solar installations. More information is at www.solarizewa.org (or www.solarizeseattle.org) and interested neighbors can sign-up now at the website to get an email when registration begins January 17.

A contact person is Project Coordinator, Alexandra Sawyer, at Northwest SEED, 206-457-5403 or alex@nwseed.org, website www.nwseed.org. Press release information is available on the website.

On the website you can see the upcoming workshops at Meadowbrook Community Center, Mountaineers and Northgate Community Center.

Lincoln’s ‘Casket’ at Northgate Mall This Week

Ok, this very well might be the most random news I’ve ever posted on here. But it’s been a bit slow and this is too entertaining not to share. Plus, it’s local!

Yes, you did read the title correctly. It turns out that our local mall is going to be displaying a replica of the former president’s casket.

The replica casket was created by an Indiana company from the only known photo of Lincoln lying in state. It’s a little longer than 6 feet long with a white interior and silver handles and has traveled the country for years. The only differences are the replica isn’t lined with lead, and there’s no silver plate with Lincoln’s information on the exterior.

It’s in the area for a couple days and then will spend a couple days at the mall itself.

Turns out the casket is being hosted by Pima Medical Institute’s mortuary science program, which is located a few blocks from the mall. Pima officials say the two-year program helps guide students to careers as funeral directors and embalmers while focusing on compassionate care. The casket is being displayed Wednesday and Thursday atPima’s campus, 9709 Third Ave. N.E., then goes to the mall for two days.


Also, if you want to know about Lincoln’s casket and his burial, Wikipedia has all sorts of crazy info. Did you know that he has been moved 17 times and had his coffin opened 6 times?

Kids Art in Pinehurst Pocket Park

This week’s artist, Liza, is helping celebrate a new beginning, a new year, in the pocket park, by beautifying it with her colored pencil drawing. She made it at last summer’s Pinehurstfest. Go see it up close in the pocket park kiosk at NE 117th St & 19th Ave NE. Thanks, Liza, it’s beautiful!

If you would like to submit your child’s artwork for the Pocket Park, please email nancy@pinehurstseattle.org. We’ll put it on mat board donated by FRAMEIT Ltd, 539 NE Northgate Way.


Mail Theft Suspects Caught in Pinehurst

Early on December 28th,  a man and a woman were apprehended in the act of stealing mail in north Pinehurst. See the story here. From the list of mail items found in their car – credit cards, checks, gift cards, IRS mail, Netflix movies, it appears that as long as such items go through the mail system and end up in mail boxes that are not secure, mail theft will continue to be a lucrative crime. :(