SPD Solicits Automated 911 Response Feedback

SPD is starting a new effort to solicit feedback to improve 911 response. People who dial 911 in Seattle will notice a few changes.
Beginning January 26, 2023, SPD will send fully automated follow-up text messages to many crime victims and 911 callers. Once the 911 emergency has passed, the system will solicit feedback about the caller’s experience with SPD to improve services to the community.
SPD is notifying community members about these changes so 911 callers will know the automated follow-up texts and emails are a legitimate attempt to gather feedback. They are not spam. It is the SPD’s hope that people will respond to the survey, and guide improvements to the City of Seattle’s emergency response system.
I couldn’t find examples of the messages that were very readable, but they will look something like these.

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