Poll Results To-date on Question of This Blog Continuing

December 27, we emailed a special Pinehurst Seattle Blog digest containing only one blog post, a poll asking the 299 neighbors on the blog’s email list to comment on the blog post if they wanted the blog to continue operating. To date 15 out of the 299 commented their interest in having the blog continue.

If you haven’t responded on that post, and wish to, scroll back to the 12/27/2022 post and comment. But so far, it isn’t looking like there’s much interest.

3 comments to Poll Results To-date on Question of This Blog Continuing

  • Kristi Morris

    This is the first I’ve seen this. It’s hard to distinguish this blog from the other “Pinehurst news. I like looking and reading about our (real) pinehurst north of Northgate news.

  • Teri O’Leary

    Oddly, I did not read the December newsletter but I almost always do and I usually find something of interest. Like the Hazard Map in today’s issue. I like the blog and usually forward it to my husband. I bet others were inundated with holiday stuff like I was. I can think of several recent things I have meant to respond to but haven’t done so yet and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

  • Liz

    I can’t actually figure out how to get back to
    That poll but I do find this blog to be very useful versus trying to keep track of or find info on Facebook

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