New Traffic Website

A new website provides resources to help you get to and through downtown during the upcoming new era of tough traffic that will begin with WSDOT’s permanent closure of Alaskan Way Viaduct on January 11, 2019. As WSDOT works to #realign99 and prepare to open the new SR 99 tunnel in early February, check in here for traffic updates.

The new website includes a sign-up for real-time traffic alerts, live updates on traffic in major corridors, and information about transit alternatives. For instance, check on current commute times between downtown and neighborhoods here:

Visit today to learn more and sign up for alerts.

2 comments to New Traffic Website

  • Barbara

    I am technologically challenged when it comes to my iPhone. Do tweets and live traffic updates cause one to look at one’s phone when driving (a no, no). Is this information also fed to apps which can give routing updates that are hands free? Otherwise this seems useful only “before you leave”.

  • Nancy

    A ‘Know before you go’ banner is displayed on the website, so I think the site is meant to help you decide when to leave and what route to take before you leave home. I’m sure they aren’t promoting distracted driving!

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