Starting a Block Watch

Have you and your neighbors formed a Block Watch?

Why Have a Block Watch?

Neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime.

How Does Block Watch Work?

Block Watch requires two basic commitments:

  1. A commitment to be concerned about your neighbor’s property and well-being as well as your own.
  2. A commitment to report suspicious activity and take action by alerting your neighbors and calling 9-1-1.

Getting Started

  • Think of a location for your first meeting. It could be your home, or a neighbor’s home, library or community center, etc.
  • Contact the Crime Prevention Coordinators in our North Precinct for dates and times to meet with you and your neighbors. gov/police/crime-prevention/crime-prevention-coordinators.
  • Invite your neighbors to come – it helps to invite them in person.
  • The first meeting will discuss local crime trends, prevention measures and the proactive ways neighbors can work together.
  • The designated Block Watch Captain will act as primary contact for Seattle Police, and communicate to the neighborhood.

1 comment to Starting a Block Watch

  • Garth Ferber

    I think a less formal approach to a blockwatch can also work. Such as hosting an annual potluck on the Seattle Night Out (1st Tuesday evening in August) and having a email/phone contact list for the folks on your steet.

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